Yo what’s going on guys did you guys hear I wanted to show you guys how to get to pack a punch guns without the pack munch machine even being on and they’re both free which is a very good price I’m going downstairs to grab the meal kick so I can get three guns but basically to do this there’s.

Two different things one of them you have to complete a challenge the other one you have to do with the Maxis drone so I’m showing you guys right here this is.

One of them right here and you can see the machine is broken so it ends up giving you when the machine is busted and you can see that’s I’m gonna go over now and show you guys.

The four locations for the first pack a punch gun so the first one you have to have them access drone check the playlist in the description you need.

To know how to make the Maxis drone over by this area right here you can see the little coin back there will however the glowing gold pieces send the Maxis drone out and you can see right there where it is next to the laboratory next today beats power than the two part this one is upstairs up in this area right.

Here and you’ve got to realize when you throw out the Maxis drone it actually ends up killing the zombies around you so it’s best to finish it off at the end of a round to do that and then the last two there’s one right up here and this is by generator five and then there’s one by generator.

Six and I’m gonna go ahead and hightail it over to generator 6 and that way I can get two of them with one drone you could probably.

Run this around and get more than two if you plane with like maybe with multiple people it might be easier but this is definitely a solo guide for you to can be able to complete these but basically the last one is up here in the very corner of the upper area of the church and once you’ve collect.

All four of these that pack-a-punch gun will just randomly show up right up there at that location and it stays up there I believe for.

A good period of time so you don’t have to rush over.

And grab a pack a punch gun right away so keep that in mind now I’m moving on to the next pack-a-punch gun that you can get again for free now another percent sure which challenge actually gives you the free gun I believe or the pack-a-punch gun I believe it is for the 115 headshots so you have to.

Get 115 headshots if you don’t know where the challenge box is it’s in the very first room and you can just scroll over the four icons and will actually tell you that there’s four challenges and what they are one of the challenges is 30,000 points just spending thirty.

Thousand points one ovens 115 headshots the other one is random and this is the one where I’m showing you guys here.

Where you fill up the four boxes I just filled up one of them right here but basically you fill up the full four boxes with the zombies Souls and then it will end.
Up giving you the Thunder fist which is a new melee.

Weapon and then and this is a box by generator for and the last challenge what was the last challenge that’s right sorry I was turning on power it was if you turn on all six generators and that’s one of the challenges as well but to get the pack-a-punch gun I’m pretty sure it is a want 115 headshots and to do that obviously you just kill on in 15.

Zombies and shoot them in the face and that will give you the last one but once you end up completing that then you will go.

Ahead and get the second pack a punched gun for free and I’ll go ahead and just fast forward it to.
That part after this little clip here and show you.

Guys that I completed all four other challenges that I’ll be picking up.

The the second pack of bunched gun alright so here you can see that I’m going to the chest and I’m making a poll here of the chest I end up getting a perk bottle for one and then I’m gonna go ahead and make a chest pull again and you see right there I have five perks none because I already had four and then.
Chest again you can see right there I.

Ended up getting a second pack a bunch of gun and that’s pretty.

Much all I have to do so to pack a punch guns no power on and.

Yeah I mean it’s pretty pretty nice and they’re both free and definitely fun to do when you’re playing solo is to get both of those guns but hopefully guys enjoy the video have a good one we’ll catch you guys for more videos in if you guys subscribe and check the playlist if in the new description.

If you guys want to see more origins gameplay later guys.


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