Hey what’s going on guys DJ’s here wanted to answer a couple questions that have been asked to me and one of them is can you pack a punch a staff and I wanted to show you guys I just wanted to try it I didn’t think you can because you can create ultimate staffs so you cannot pack a punch.

Of staff as you can see right there wouldn’t accept.

It and then the other question is can you pack a punch the broom Hilda twice the boom Hilda.

Is the mouser that you get in the beginning of the game if you pack a punch it you don’t get the Mustang and Sally anymore you get the broom Hilda which is a badass gun and basically can you pack.
A punch it twice the reason why is because they.

Wanted to know if you can change the scope because the ACOG was a little bit off I’m showing you guys right here once you pack a punch at once it.

Does not give you the option to pack a punch of twice you cannot pack a punch the staff either so just showing you guys the results of this.

If you guys were curious some people were I was curious actually as well because it would have been cool to get a different scope but but that shows you guys right there that.

You cannot hope you guys liked this video hit the subscribe button if you guys into the channel showing you guys the boom Hilda in action again right here so badass such a great gun and basically check the playlist in the description for more games.

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