For the past week Ranil Wickremesinghe a– has refused to leave the Prime Minister’s official residence here in the capital it’s become a symbol of legitimacy he tells me after being fired by the president in what critics are calling a constitutional coup the either 33 lankan democracy in the last presidential election Parliament relations we came forward on the basis.

That Parliament is supreme that the president must act according to the wishes of Parliament the 19th amendment to the.

Constitution was drafted on that basis now what.

Has happened is the president is trying to override the powers of Parliament President Maithripala Sirisena swore in Mahinda Rajapaksa as the.

New Prime Minister last Friday Rajapaksa was president for two terms and scrapped term limits in 2014 to try and stay in power but then lost the election he called a year later Rajapaksa says he’s got enough support in Parliament to confirm his position but MPs can’t vote because president Sirisena a suspended Parliament why the delay you think in recalling Parliament but they haven’t the number the number they call Parliament and finished it off with we hear.

A lot of talk about persuading MPs to join Rajapaksa side how might they be persuaded what he what are you hearing about what’s going on now offering members aid their ministry ships and sometimes.

Money the speaker has warned of the risk of a bloodbath if this is allowed to continue do you share those views of the speaker there can be an upheaval because people are getting disgruntled why is it we voted for a parliamentary democracy we why we asked for a different setup and all of a sudden we find it is even worse than 2014 I am defending a principle and the fact that the.

Major the voters voted in 2015 to a poor democracy and if he let them down that loss behind Wickramasinghe says it’s that desire to uphold democracy that’s bra Timm support from a wider section of society than just his traditional support.

Base when Parliament is recalled Prime Minister Wickramasinghe says he’ll leave his official residence here at temple trees to go and vote until then he’s staying put.


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