Kay all my Nana’s house a freaking tan and swim I brought this big bottle of iced green tea so just drink that and I wore sunscreen today those of you commenting I need to wear sunscreen you’re welcome I thought I would do a little intro so instead of a one-day vlog I think I’m gonna do like a weekend.

In my life because my parents are away my sister is away at a cottage so I’m alone and I don’t work all weekend so I thought it’d be fun to do like.

Today’s Friday actually so it’s technically not like the weekend yet but whatever I’m gonna do Friday Saturday Sunday and show.

You what I get up to this bathing suit is from passionfruit beach where I did a little unboxing haul on the spading sue and others if you want to see that I’ll link.

It in the description below it’s like my last video but yeah it’s such a nice.

Day outside it’s insane so I’m gonna go tan right there so I’m just making lunch and I thought I’d show you I know this isn’t like a what I eat in a day but I’m trying to eat I would say not like healthier because I could mean so many things but I’m trying to eat more Whole Foods because I’ve been eating so much processed stuff literally zero vegetables for the past like three months so I want to get.

Back into like cooking at home saving some money and eating more bulky voluminous foods I’m going to make roasted potato sweet potato carrots and I’m going to add some tofu to that there’s a few.

Little burned ones over there but that’s okay because I’m eat enough and then I have some tofu just bacon in there just gonna start out with a.

Bit and then probably a more can’t forget ketchup guys wow it actually looks.

Like I have a beard sometimes I get blemishes down there so I put this mask on but yeah I just came back from Yonge Street I did some errands I washed my face immediately when I got home I always do that from the gym sometimes.

They even wash it like rinse it at the gym and then I just put this mask on and then I’m gonna take a full body shower because I’m.

Going out tonight but yeah just thought I’d update you guys I did cardio at the gym which I never do it was literally ten minutes but I was like.

Whoa but I did just like intervals of sprinting and then I did some back and some apps but yeah okay so I just got ready to go out did my makeup really shitty as usual and my hair didn’t do it as usual I had a giant bowl of pasta just now and like a giant bowl of like vegan yogurt and granola so I’m bloated but whatever I’m wearing this like lingerie.

Shirt from Victoria’s Secret this little sweater thing is from pretty little thing these.

Shorts are from Ritz yeah the spell is from Urban Outfitters and yeah I excuse the food baby but this is.

What I’m wearing oh yeah I am so hungover I am very hungover it’s freakin 3 o’clock it’s 3 o’clock I.
Just woke up I went to bed at 6 a.
for no fucking reason Wow chugging some apple juice and ice and oh my god that looks so.

Gross but it tastes so good but it’s just the fresh poutine and I got onion rings as well because of my fat bitch I’m sorry I’ve been the worst flogger of all time but I literally have not done anything today so there’s like nothing for me to film I just like the only activity and the only eventful thing I did today was walk to the.

Convenience store and get a Gatorade and chug it.

Say all I’ve eaten today is those fries and the apple juice and Gatorade and I still feel so sick I don’t know what’s wrong with me I went out with my friend Arabella and we just went his to different places and got some drinks with their bottles there.

And like I was jeweling too hard I’m too sick to go to the gym but maybe I’ll go for like a nice long walk or something today it’s like my not even like a cheat day food why I was just cheat day like.

Be a piece of shit today day does anyone else do this where they like flip their laptop on to the side so when you’re like laying down in bed you can see it straight I don’t know guys giddyup another outing it’s a big day making moves in a nutshell I need to donut so I’m gonna go get a donut I was gonna walk to get a donut cuz you know walking donut less.

Guilty and then I just like left the house and then immediately came back in I’m like I’m driving I’m also wearing Eminem shorts so driving is probably just a better call in general and yes I always Drive with my knee out so.

I go to fresh and get a doughnut and he offers me free carrot cake and I’m like what the eff.
Yeah so today’s really like not our deal like it’s super.

Ideal but like yeah tomorrow’s just gonna I know diet starts tomorrow I’ll just like quickly update you guys on my night and my face okay I went a little fucking crazy I don’t really have pimples but I was like preventive measures I’m like super naked so.

I’m trying hard to not get certain areas of my bod in the shot I went to my friend’s house they were going out drinking I just socialized for an hour you guys didn’t miss much I am sorry though I’m sorry I ate like a fucking truck driver tonight like to.

The point where I feel like sick in my stomach is like four times the size I ate so much bread and hummus and chips and but don’t get down if you have a shitty day like me it just means that there is.

Nowhere but up so tomorrow’s gonna be better I’m gonna be a much better youtuber vlogger I promise I’m gonna wake up early and.

Go to the gym I have a vegan festival thing tomorrow that’s exciting obviously I’ll take you guys but I’ll be probably eating junk food there but I’m gonna have a really good workout tomorrow I’m excited this has to.

Be the world’s worst braid I’ve literally never seen anything like that good morning so a little change of plans I know I said I was gonna wake up early and go to the gym I did in are we surprised probably not it kind of worked out for the better because my friend wanted to go to the vegan festival like earlier shake.

Early afternoon like 1 4 at lunch time and I thought I’m gonna be eating a.

Bunch of food I’ll just sleep in not eat and then go eat and then on.

My way home and go to the gym so right now I’m just I.

Made myself a green tea with 2 bags because I’m really tired and I need to wake the F up and I’m just gonna take one of these um Cali girl cleanses it’s my friends company they’re just little like vegan capsules with natural ingredients and it’s like reduce bloating and stuff and I just feel a little bloated from yesterday’s shitshow eating so I’m just gonna take two of those help that I was gonna wear this little like shell jacket but I just went.

Outside and it’s freaking toasty so I’m just gonna take this off don’t know if you can.

See I’m a little bloated that’s okay this tops from pretty.

Little thing Lulla mint and I’m also just gonna wear this little bag it’s from oaken for its vegan leather and I’m bringing a gym bag but I’m just gonna leave that in the car catch you guys in a few girls the lighting in my rooms actually repulsive I need to figure this out but hey haven’t talked to you guys in a.

Bit as you can see I went to the gym I did bootie day big shocker there so I have an idea and I want to do like full-on series of getting.

A bum like start to finish my fitness nutrition exercises gym tips everything let me know if you’d be interested in like a really detailed but series anyways after I.

Home and ate because I was hungry although that.

Ice cream was not a good pre-workout meal whatever I was still hungry after I just had a lentil salad and I made some more roasted public.

Not peppers roasted carrots I showed you beforehand.

The roasted veggies I just said carrots and didn’t burn them this time and then I had a big bowl of oatmeal and two oranges and I’ll probably eat something.

Else before bed but uh yeah I just want to.

Like up you guys on everything I haven’t been doing much other than that my.

Sister came home from her friend’s cottage so I just been hanging out with her yeah the vegan vessel was really awesome and fun and the food was delicious and it was just such a cool environment seeing so many people similar to you or even non vegans experiencing vegan food and I.

Think festivals like that are so important for sharing the.

Vegan message and what veganism is actually about and how much amazing food you can enjoy as a vegan so it’s just really cool I’ve never been to a vegan festival or anything like that before which is surprising considering how long.

I’ve been vegetarian and vegan and stuff so yeah it was really cool so I was about to show you guys what I got from the vegan festival but I realized two of them are gifts.

For a certain someone not certain someone watches my videos so I can’t show that but I got this little crop top and.

I’ve never had a vegan shirt or anything and it’s like and kind of like the coca-cola font and I just.

Think it’s so cute and I’m probably just like wear it around the house and just like doing errands and stuff because.

It is pretty tight but like it’s cozy and stuff so I just really like it but I.

Think I’m gonna end the vlog here I’m not really gonna do anything else tonight just have some tea probably have like another snack before you go to bed and really just edit this video and hang out with my sister so I hope you guys enjoyed this first weekend in my life style vlog let.

Me know your thoughts in the.

Comments of course if you’re new thank you for watching and make sure you subscribe and if you’re a returning homey I love you and.


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