Hello there handsome no no don’t say anything yet play it casual I’m an old girlfriend and we’re getting reacquainted the mutual friend thinks it’s important you acquire some new skills and weaponry I’ve arranged to contact Anju guna to get you started now pretend we’re all caught up and leave casually it was great seeing you again keep in touch.
You too blade be safe out there telling you baby I’m big-time on the.

Ladder the Pirates on his way security droids say he’s.

Armed but it won’t be trouble let’s hope not here he is now I’ll go tell the boss this is Carol’s till the throne room that the blades arrived when embro shows stay at least 5 meters back and don’t come up unless you’re cold one wrong move and you’re a pile of ash you worried I’m gonna cause trouble just going.

Got a reputation and we don’t want any problems allow me to present Nomura the Hutt the illustrious crime king of vast treasures plundered from worlds in every sector of.

The galaxy all for you great memoral bad mrow the adults here are real or odium the graph looks like I shall be jus keep una Molly Thomas Capano das Mo Kio bikini.
What a monkey dodo BOGO la da I’m very grateful he.

Got quite a place here hakuna more Ubben Johnny a Lipa Easton Gatto Kazu don’t Gandhi.

Comb looks like your audience with Nomura was over you’ll have to forgive the interruption I’ve been working for that Hut since he killed my gang when I was 13 trust me you can’t talk to him when he’s like.

This seems like your boss has some temper I stay with him because numerals got power in smarts along with his temper I like things a little more orderly than he does but I don’t complain we’re having trouble with the father clan and it’s getting to all of us fought was out of line.

But the Hutt cartel hasn’t bothered to out of fear so it’s a business dispute what are you feuding over everything the mines the factories the slaving operations I need to work up new plans with security and keep an eye on top of you to keep her from suggesting anything stupid in the meantime you’re a guest and you’ve got our permission to do business here you got the.

Run of the palace so I’ll see you.

Around well done agent the listening device is working perfectly and nĂºmero can keep no more secrets from us Imperial Intelligence has determined that numerous human lieutenant karrels javis is the weak link in his operation you’re going to twist the man until he serves us he won’t be any trouble.

To manipulate unfortunately Carol’s is on the verge of disfavor with Nomura while the three like lieutenant tough illusion I believe is neveress rising star I want you to offer your services as the red plane do whatever is required to bring Carol’s glory in them Rose eyes it’s trivial enough I’ll handle it indeed you will one other thing agent.

Ours has drawn the attention of a member of the Dark Council Darth Jadus himself the council’s authority is second only to.

That of the Emperor it’s in rare armor for an intelligence operation to be overseen in this way with all due respect what does the dark council care about Hutta his operation isn’t exactly a threat to the Sith nor is it.


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