I get you going doesn’t it that is a great song Thank You band all right we’re taking a pause from our Hagee eyes series I hope you’ve enjoyed that so far we’ll conclude that next week today we get to talk about politics yeah don’t worry it’s not that kind of talk about politics I’m not gonna get up here.
And tell you who to vote for and that.

This party is bad and that party’s bad and if you voted for this person you’re this or that not gonna do that okay but this Tuesday you know it’s everybody’s favorite day it’s kids eat free at Freddy.

Frozen custard by the way but it is election day and I don’t know about you can I get an amen if you’re sick of political ads.

Amen hallelujah you can’t escape them right turn the radio on those candidates evil you try to watch a video on YouTube instead of getting like an insurance commercial it’s this candidates evil turn on your TV see I got rid of Netflix big mistake.

Right because now I have to endure commercials from time to time but I saw one commercial this is how hilarious political ads are getting right now this.

So it has this candidate I think he’s running for governor or something I don’t know and he’s waiting in line at a coffee shop and they’re talking.

About this guy well this guy did this he saved 5 million people from this or whatever and he gets up to the coffee like all.

He gets a bottle of water I’m like okay and he goes outside and it shows the guy giving a dog water and it talked about how this guy is good to pets I’m like I’m waiting for the next commercial where his opponent they’re like yeah he kicked a cat once and.

Doesn’t like animals I mean animals don’t vote yet I guess and that’s the one commercial.

Where it has you know has bad pictures of the candidate you know looking weird but their face cuz I mean if someone follows you around takes your picture all day they’re gonna catch some weird faces right and it’s this child narrating basically about how this candidate wants them to.

Die essentially like he doesn’t want our health care and that’s what I’m like this is just getting crazy you know it seems to me I’ve only been.

Like politically active for 16 years now because I’m 34 and so it seems and just for me in that.

Short amount of time that the country is more divided than it has ever been now those of you who’s been politically active longer than me maybe you guys think is it seem more politically divided.

Yeah it’s it’s kind of crazy and the the gap you know it seems to be getting bigger and bigger.

Between Democrats and Republicans and everyone has different.

Viewpoints on on issues that we should discuss I’m not gonna get.

Up here and say Christians should not be politically involved you should and I have my political opinions and I’m happy to discuss them with you but the.
Question I want to try to answer today is how do we as followers of.

Jesus Christ navigate a political environment that is it seems to be more hostile than it has.
Ever been so how do we we waited this.

You know and again I’m not here to tell you what candidate to vote for and what to.


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