Should not be associated with the militancy and terrorism the prime minister said peace should not be jeopardized as it’s the foremost condition of all development through which everybody can be benefited appreciating the activities of the coma versus the prime minister said millions of children mostly poor and often are taking education in those mirages Sheikh Hasina as the Alim.

Together to import competitive education to calming other students so that they can serve the nation in future and contribute to the.

National development along with the government pointing out the conflict among Muslim across the prime minister said the discourse benefiting the arms producers and the cost of Muslims plot Sheikh Hasina said there is no place for militancy terrorism rushon in Bangladesh Bangladesh want to prove that.

Islam is a religion of peace and it would be a peaceful prosperous and developed country Sheikh Hasina soft doer from Allen and Lama say and shield gets opportunity to serve them again if her government is elected for another time in the office I thought that my story yeah the executive committee of National Economic Council ethnic has approved.

T9 development projects involving 86,000 686 crore and 95 lat taka the approval was given at the ethnic meeting held at NEC conference room in the cities sherry bangla novel with technics chairperson and Prime Minister Haseena in the chair today cabinet members members of Planning Commission and concerned high officials.

Were present after the meeting Planning Minister am mustafa kemal briefs the reporters he said the ethnic approves 39 projects of them 31 are new and AET revised projects ah’m Mustafa Kemal said of the total cost.

Sixty six thousand four hundred sixty six crore and fifty one left akka will come from national exchange 313 crore and 21 lattaker from the organization’s own fire while 19900 7 crore and to the three-lap taka will come from the project the systems you Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina has.
Doubt that the upcoming Parliament election will.

Be impartial as all the elections held under our Millah covenant were free fair and impartial.

She said this in her opening speech at a dialog with 14 party alliance at Ghana problem in the capital this evening the prime minister said the party or alliance getting people’s mandate in the election will form government describing.

Booting a democratic right Sheikh Hasina arts all to support Obama League in the upcoming election to continue in the development trend earlier 14 party Alliance leaders Phyllis is a felicitated friend – Sheikh Hasina with pockets you you you visiting Singaporean foreign minister dr.

Understood poor speedy repatriation of the Romania people from Bangladesh who fled atrocities of the Myanmar government forces dr. Vivian Balakrishnan put the emphasis when she paid a courtesy call on Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina at Cana.

Province this morning after the meeting Prime Minister’s press secretary is a local. vegan balakrishnan surfing for wants to see quick repatriation of the Rohingya people from Bangladesh otherwise their prolonged state could lead them to be.


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