Is it a porcupine a muskrat are kangaroos no it’s captain huggy face your favorite monkey sidekick what WordGirl and honey’s on PBS KIDS GO it’s just so exciting to talk about PBS kids brand-new show let’s go Luna but this show has everything world travels dancing moons adventures with friends did we mention dancing moons grab a front-row seat for.

Let’s go luna a new show starting wednesday november 21st at five four central on PBS KIDS and on the PBS KIDS video app what are folks saying about PBS kids every night you don’t want to miss this this whole thing is really.

Cool watch back-to-back movies of your favorite shows starting at 6 5 central on PBS kids family night WordGirl is made possible by contributions to your PBS station from viewers like you thank you one more WordGirl watch your favorite episodes and.

Test your word power on pbskidsgo.

org what word girls word power fly over to your local library take not required you know about the brain in your head but did you know about the brain in your gut scientists have found over 100 million brain cells in the gut as many brain.

Cells as there are in the head of a cat.

That network of brain cells lines the walls of your gut from your esophagus to your bottom scientists have nicknamed it your second brain this web of cells is called the enteric.

Nervous system its biggest job is overseeing the digestive process and it does that pretty much on its own and why your second brain doesn’t do any thinking it does have a big impact on your behavior along with the trillions of bacteria in the gut your second brain can influence your emotions you feel kind of mood you’re in it can also dictate.
What kind of food you crave so the.

The stomach it’s really just your second brain at work for more information about the brain check out the science Trek website you’ll find it at I’d opt vor G slash science drips uhĂ© Andy we together with the key to community.

I say you will need she and he we together with the key so community just take a look around they’re amazing folks to me come and check out what they do is you’re walking down.
The street train conductor blows the.

Train train with the tower crane dry cleaner clean just sue the lady in the Music Store get lessons on the crew for walking fools the cook is the Baker in the bakery is a storyteller cappella I volunteer at a kitchen sue these are the people that you meet when you’re walking.
Down the street they do important jobs and they make.

Our coffee and we together with the community we together with the case ever wonder.

How Halloween came to be some say it started as a fall harvest festival which is probably why we Bob for apples turn pumpkins into jack-o-lan– ants and like scarecrows.

The sort of happy Halloween from PBS.

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