Hello and welcome to the fat loss guide to wake rest manner on mythic but the end of this guide you should be out to jump into this instance on mythic zero of very little issues but the information should also help you out with higher mythic plus keys weight crest manner is a particularly large instance so there’s a lot.
To go over let’s jump in from.

The star when you first enter the instance you’ll be within a large Lobby each time you enter the dungeon either your route to the left or right will be blocked much like arc way if both sides are closed then take the stairs up and there will be.
An open door up there whilst in the lobby clearing.

The soul essences make sure you interrupt their scar soul cast that will burst damage on a random player now taking the left door will take you towards the triad encounter enthralled guards will cast a shadow cleave cone on the tank so make sure you face them away from the group aside from hitting the tank with captain strike which deals a.

Small amount of physical damage but which captains will cast spirit defense kick this cars.

To stop the guard from taking less damage whilst fighting the vine twisters make sure you interrupt grasping.
Thorns this stuns a random player for 4 seconds.

While stealing ticking damage when you enter.

The ballroom make sure you clear both packs on either side of the room before engaging the boss acolytes have two casts that you should interrupt bone splinters a dot to their target and drain essences a long channel that deals ticking damage when fighting the toads watch out for when they die it will leave a large patch on the ground that explodes afterwards disorienting all players have in the zone after clearing the trash you can.

Engage the hearts pain triad now the three bosses have the iron box shield passive which.

Reduces incoming damage by 99% this is only removed when.

A boss is holding the focusing iris the bosses will take turns at holding the iris only dropping it after taking damage equal to 50% of their maximum health whilst a boss is holding the IRS they will need to be tanked they would gain access to an additional ability and an aura and will begin to gain energy overtime if a boss ever reaches 100% energy they’ll cast dire ritual this will.

Deal a nearly 4 man of damage to the entire group and reset the boss’s energy back down to zero the group should aim to defeat the bosses before any of their energy.

Bars reach 100% if the cost does.

Go out you really need to use almost every personal cooldown you have just to survive the incoming here now sister selena will start with a focusing Aras first she was spam cast soul bolt dealing a moderate burst of damage to a random player so bow alongside the ruinous bolt and the bramble bolt cast from the other sisters are interruptible and cast constantly.

Throughout the fight although the group should aim to interrupt all three bosses.

Simultaneously do prioritize the boss that has the iris as they will be doing additional damage now while Selina has the iris she will cast soul manipulation this will mind control player and this is only broken by reducing that player to 50% health so you’ll want to swap.


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