What’s let me sing some unthinking guidelines talk about Simone online if you’re new here hi my name is Susana just leave the best moment 11 coming at you guys with the baby freaking vlog oh my god that was so fast oh my god it’s literally empty and it’s Monday that’s so crazy okay let’s just hope I make it.

A stable time okay so this week is homecoming week and today was rapper.

Versus country I came as cardi B so yeah look at my hair I got like this thing yesterday as you saw in the vlog from last week got that on yesterday and okay so like I didn’t paint this side cuz like I don’t want to get on my face right the thing and the thing smells so bad like I’m literally I was literally.

About a choke in my room like with that freaking like toxic smell that paint like I just keep ruining.
My hair one step at a time I have the shirt right.

Here that I’m gonna be wearing so I’m basically coming as like what she looked like on the invasion of privacy album so that’s pretty much what I’m dressed like so I feel like a lot of people won’t know what I’m dressed like once they see like my whole outfit together and stuff and I have the glasses.

Right here and yeah so yeah I.

Need right now there’s a hurricane coming like why couldn’t this happen the week after homecoming or like the week before there’s like why might I have to happen this week they say just say oh we can’t always be saying that word bye guys so we got gas so I’m like a taking school and yeah there’s there’s a lot of cars over here that are fleeing Tallahassee and.

There’s a lot of traffic that’s scary just saw yours where we part ways love your best friend say back to the below say back to the blog last year maybe some of you guys watching have been here for.

A while on this wall channel but basically last year during Hurricane ARMA my family and I went over to my auntie’s house and like most like a lot more.

Of like my family was at my auntie’s house so we were just all jam packed into my aunties house and we were just having a great time I love last year’s Herman not because of the hurricane itself but I’m saying.

Like having that time to spend with my family was really fun and so we’re doing the exact same thing.

Year we’re gonna go over to my auntie’s house and it’s.

Gonna be late and yeah just create more new memories with my family I guess just packing like two more outfits to go with my auntie and I’m pretty much done just have to put in a.

Much ready to go so they’re panicking we’re playing just.

Dance if you can see so that’s the score while others are more than jacqueline dances by ease look at all those chickens you got a bird or whatever it’s scared he choking them.

Okay they’re releasing the bird now.

There flew away we’re out here playing Monopoly because you know everyone loves that and I’m eating for.

Snacks for everyone I have not had signal the whole day not clickbait with footage and I’m just trying to stay active cuz I’m a social-media influencer this hurricane really out here falling off people’s cars that made no sense guys it is now Thursday.

I have an essay to turn in today but the powers still down there’s no Wi-Fi so technically I can’t do my homework and yeah right now we’re walking over to Jacqueline’s house as you guys saw from the kids before like this hurricane really messed us up like bad maybe not as bad as other places but this time I actually did destruction cuz last year Erma didn’t do like shit and oh my.

God all these power lines like actually legitimately broke like I never experienced something like that.

Y’all leaving up the news out here that’s crazy so crazy there’s a lot of traffic actually I looked at the freakin roots on that tree this hurricane literally dig that shit up it was like eat your fallen okay oh my god yeah not to sound like I’m the shit but like I literally.

Just wonder that so yeah it’s now 6:28 p. right now I’m heading over to my house because I need to go get new clothes because when I was packing I was packing cold clothes because I thought it was only cooking but it’s hot as.

Hell a lot of power lines have kunal yeah I think we’ll manage we’ll get through it doyon aki ali Mario that’s the next day now it’s Friday I feel like this week is going by really fast October 12 2018 11:30 6 a. I’m here with the one and only Fernando ugly astral looking ass boy and yeah we’re at his house riding the.

Bicycle it’s currently 350 APM what and I are going to a store to get some stuff to make food and what is telling me that Walmart we he went there was like literally no food anymore like everything’s running out real quick so he had to go to Walgreens to get some popsicles cuz that’s all he wanted we got the good me out here you know everything’s great and Quincy Florida honestly guys what our.

Hometown is one of the worst that got like really bad other than that we’re pretty much out here driving you know so okay guys okay in visit.

Me deal is like order to the right yeah so if you can catch the name.

Of that street you can probably go find her yeah cuz lady you made a mess out of them I’m here with these people you know I just came over me telling their food these people got made it they’re giving out free ice free waters or like we have no power to turn on our bridges so that’s all we need is you know ice right now so I love my bear French Dip it let me hear why she went to Ocala maybe we see polly on now which is the part I went to.

Three different stores they were all closed because it’s stupid curfew but like it’s fine.

Oh yeah guys there’s a freakin curfew so we have to be home at 7:00 it’s literally ten minutes or seven so yeah and we don’t know how our school situations gonna be guys because we.

Have no power for two weeks oh all right guys when in Walmart because we were gonna go Dollar General we went to mine it was called went to another one it was closed and then to Walmart it was so fuckin packed but we got what we.

Needed now we’re going to my old enough school yeah I hated my middle school I think I’ve talked about this before I hated mill school with for compassion yeah if I could go back to.

Middle school I’d be every one of who I didn’t like because I regret not doing now so yeah but yeah they’re giving out free ice this whole school that I went to and honestly we’re just gonna get ice because we need our frickin food to be.

Cold you know line starts here and look at all those cars over there and the ice is like oh yeah y’all we got so much ice we got 1 2 3 4 5 6 bags of ice what the fuck that’s more than the other place you went out yesterday they gave our only two bags because.

They only had limited but here they have a whole fuckin semi-truck full you guys oh my god so it’s been a while.

Since I up did you guys basically after I got ice with my cousin my family and I we came back to our house because we wanted to get new clothes and we wanted to see if we had power or not and honestly I didn’t think we were gonna have power but I was just hoping we did and so we got home there was no power but then so then.

I started packing and so basically this upcoming week I’m sorry tomorrow is my new homecoming week because the.

That just passed was my homecoming week but it got like interrupted by the hurricane Michael and yeah basically I started packing up all my outfits for homecoming week and while I was doing so the lights in my closet came on and I was like oh my god that.

Means we have power and so I turn on my these lights my main lights in my room and I had power I was so.

Happy you guys because it’s it’s just so good to have power you know and like the AC works my Wi-Fi works oh my god I’m not saying that that was the most important thing but like just being in my own bed knowing that I was gonna be my own bed tonight was just.

Relief to me overall I’m so happy and glad to be alive and so happy that all my family is okay and I just have to thank God for that.

Honestly like out of like me and like compared to other people a lot of other people probably got it way worse my house.

Honestly was in good condition I am so thankful for that because the only thing that really happened was just on the side a few panels came off and that’s about it like literally nothing happened to my house so I’m just thankful that my house.

Condition I’m so blessed and yeah to all those who did probably lose a lot in this hurricane that.

Just passed I just got to say my.

Prayers go out to you I hope that you and your family like are doing great and will.

Thrive soon because you just got to pull through and stuff again I know that not everyone like can say the same thing I’m saying that their house is in good shape because a lot.

Of people got it really really bad and again my prayers are with y’all and I hope that you can get through this with your family and like that.

You just stay safe you know what I mean so I’m just gonna go.

Ahead and the blog here you guys cuz I know to be pretty long thank you so much.

For watching make sure to give it a thumbs up follow me on all my social media and subscribe to my main channel and.

Scott to this channel so you can like see more of my weekly life and that’s it thank you so much for watching I’ll.

See you say someone fuckin jack lines for the next time in Wonderland with a brain fuckin blog.


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