So let’s switch gears now I’ve won four years ago one thing was predominant in the presidential campaigns and it was a qualification of the APC counted and counted Aparri whether or not he had a Wyatt certificate again that has become a major point of debate last Friday president wari receive attestation certificate and confirmation of schools certificate from the.

West African examination council the Registrar of the cancer presented the documents to president Varela but not event has generated a lot of.

Controversies tonight where how the president’s media advisor mr.

Additional leaders from Abu Dhabi to speak on some of these issues and issues that have come up ahead of the 2019 general elections thank you so much mr.
additional for coming on the show and welcome mr.
additional let’s begin by asking you how would you react to this the critics of this government are quick to jump on this issue they have criticized the attestation certificate presented to the president by Wyatt compared to the one the president campaign.

Office presented four years ago well I’m glad you call them critics you know critics.

Will always try to poke holes in things if there’s nothing to criticize they will create it and some people are so contentious that if they find nobody to contend with they will begin to content with themselves some people will just not be satisfied with anything but for us in the presidency it’s better.

People are criticizing because for us is an issue that was dead and even now he still as dead as a doornail for those who believe no evidence is needed but those who don’t believe you can’t convince them therefore if in 2015 bought about 50 million people.

Believed in the President and voted for him this body the concocted crisis a certificate or no certificate how much more in 2019 a lot more a lot more with the express confidence mr.

Came out to say that the Guara certificate saga is they described it as the worst national embarrassment and here what they also said they said it’s perhaps the party’s problems with the work at the station presented to the.

President they say the issues are that a check on the attestation clearly shows that it does not have quote original certificate number the key authentication feature in all genuine actor stations by work instead a non-applicable is entered indicating that a beneficiary does not.

Have a certificate to be attested to those randomly set at the station on authenticated fake and of no effect that is the criticism and some of the issues raised on that certificate presented by wagon I call it superfluity of nothingness.

Absolutely superfluous nothing to eat Tom in aitikaf and it is coming from a party that has run out of ideas it has nothing to offer nigeria’s and if they don’t hang whatever they are saying around the president they have nothing.

To say so whatever they have said is superfluity of nothingness per minute eco well they also raise the issue that the fact that the attestation is for West African sinner at school certificate which President Buhari could not as thoughtful given that a senior School Certificate Examination was established only in the late 1980s is it not another issue for you to.

Think about for us the issue is dead and we will not contend with anybody or need because in the first place there was no issue even in 2015 there was no issue for any body that was deserving and for somebody that was not coddling finding fault unnecessarily there was no issue.

And still now the issue is dead so anybody that wants to continue to beat a dead horse is well country well it does look like I’m getting a similar reaction.

From you from all of the 3/4 questions that I’ve asked you maybe we should move into some other issues all.
Right the candidate of the ACP and dr.
obvious a question you have described the candidate of the PDP and the APC as a same it is Kodama moutoku how would you react to that yes I saw the program it’s within her democratic rights to say that no problem but by February next year does grace we will know who really is running and running genuinely I was a pretender so would you say that your candidate your principal.

The president and the candidates of the PDP are of a similar feature the to really have similar feature and the same of the same she described them it’s our opinion and she has a right to it I don’t have to agree with her I go after disagree with her is our opinion but Ella’s right what is the opinion of the presidential as regarding the candidacy of President Muhammadu Buhari does it look like.

A different kind of personality from the kind of candidates or the politician that we have seen in the past no I didn’t quite get that question but the question is each he was highlighting the fact that President Muhammadu Buhari former vice president you are bubucaca they are all made from.

The same fabric that’s what she was trying to describe tell us what is the view of the presidency about a candidate ur of President Muhammadu Buhari is their kind of politician different from the rest the country knows and that is why.

There is going to be a contest and that’s going to result.

And that result will be a pointer to what the country prefers if one person has said something that is our opinion she has a right to.
Eat it doesn’t make it a gospel doesn’t.

Make a right doesn’t make our own she can say whatever she wants to say and we should not be talking about individuals what we know is that a contest is ahead and it is going to.

A contest between light and darkness is going to be a contest between integrity and people who have question marks it is going to be a contest between a man whose life is plain and transparent and and a contest between the kind of man a man with so multiplicity that you can say well this is his life this is his background this is how it got this and that.

It’s going to be a fair contest and at the end of the day negligence will decide how does your principle receive the predictions from the economics magazine for example saying that in my team it might news out in the 2019 elections are you weary of those kind of predictions you are asking me about the one that came.

From the United States Institute of Peace yesterday that’s the latest one which there have been two earlier ones from economics magically which the the one from economic magazine is not that endorsement it’s not an.

Endorsement it’s it’s an analysis and I was surprised that the campaign organization of one of the Kennedys came out to say is an endorsement no it’s not an endorsement and that that was economists now United States Institute of Peace came out with zone forecast all these are.

Focused and he said it is unlikely the president Muhammadu Buhari would lose the 2019 election these are all forecasts they are not casting concrete it’s my goodness they will vote not foreign magazine it’s not you and don’t forget that that same economist said that Hillary Clinton who win the.

American election and she didn’t we.


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