Hey guys it’s Brady Burt and today I found this really weird game on roblox called grab shy it’s weird I don’t know I’m just gonna try this honestly I have no idea what this game is I haven’t played it look at that way that picture why just write rails strife game guys try it okay so put me in.

Don’t know what this is it’s like a door I can’t move I can go back and forth I don’t know what this is like what is this I’ll see you guys back when something happens you know something does happen because there was okay so out of the blue this thing came what sorry for.

That really loud noise no one heard it all that was odd okay so we’re loaded in another of these mossy rocks well no.

What are we gonna call them like a rock baby what yes I think I have to get it to the door go to door oh okay things are here.

Loaded in what is that thing open was okay so that thing is do like a handstand what what is that thing doing wait.

Oh did he just he’s dying no okay that’s really loud noise sing really loud noisy by child if you guys can see that in the current says by child that’s $30 let’s buy some children oh wow guys.

Okay so that one has an angry face but why why are you angry oh my gosh I’m pleased I’m already annoyed.

Um up top girls laugh at weasel.

I don’t even know you’re trying to just spoken these guys alright I’ll meet you guys back and I actually have what is that what is that it’s like a Pikachu look at its tiny piece like what is that and then over here we have Oh angry boy who just barf the coin don’t be swallowing coins and then over here we have rocky boy and bony boy Halloween’s over you shouldn’t be here just saying alright alright so I’m just gonna click these screens.

And what there’s a GoSee boy over there let me see.

If I can like move okay ah it’s Jagger’s child 84 jaggery just love to spin a darn shame he has motion sick I what is that.

This game his father’s slice he is pissed oh oh my god there was just like really your thing right now we can buy more children with our monies let’s buy like 10 more children there’s mine I can only afford to Java another jaggery enough sad don’t be sad mr.

sad there’s chilling speech really freaking sounds that’s one.

Look at his little face alright so okay yes these things are your finger points oh wait dream creepers sweet dreams no invisible shy I don’t even know what this.

Game is anymore what is that it’s a snowman a cold man who’s oddly well-traveled he has many a story to tell yes I agree what is this thing burger – burger – I’d rather not.

All right that’s obviously Pikachu stressed yes so here left all pulled out big test in two days don’t study hell I I can really uhm let’s buy some more children shall we no get out of here now I want to open my child box oh look it’s up here for him person you like see sushi but only the kind with the sticky brown stuff on it I have no idea what that’s the reference to you.

Guys no it’s a reference to tell me because I would be glad to know all those musics make louder music wait we can just crap music is that folio music oh that’s a token what so um look at her oh those are like a token shop now oh no it’s bro box I don’t have roebucks yep sadly no he’s not storage under half storage what is this game.

If you don’t my god another child I need more child Nick Quackers.

Quack we will quack in the chat format Quackers of oh my gosh we just cracked alright everyone leave a black in the chat for Alma Quackers over here guys he is a great person oh.

Too I’m actually a serger Masseria oh oh there’s a checklist how many children are there there’s 90 children that make noises money Oh spider child yay more child’s no not now child lemony lamp lemony Liam likes to hang around doctors offices and comfort children or their four shots oh I get it he’s up lemon popsicle no not possible lollipop and he’s like exactly exactly like he said he’s done look at his little ducky face soap Jew all right so on the dock was seek you and.

Love me I can’t I can’t talk so um yeah he just we disconnected and you have to leave now so yeah.

Guys grab the drawers play some more grab the truck because who doesn’t like grabbing children I mean yeah why not why not okay so I came back and there’s now this.

Like you’re like they’re like ones of them are up there just being fermented into one oh my god um oh yeah a set I also have these now so I can but you move them why is it so well so I don’t know I’m gonna get copyrighted no all.
Right nope nope no more of that no more.

I’m not not today right how do you move yes hmm how do I move people how how do I sound so weird how do I move people like no can you get in Dyess alright why can’t you guys get along oh wait no so.

Like up there they’re like let’s still up there I don’t know what they’re doing but like what like no are you doing stop.

Help alright so on I got some money more like a lot of money and these guys keep giving me my so I’m gonna buy some children let’s go buys a lot more children yeah no all right so is that.

Fan OHS that Stannis right no smoggy he thinks he’s better than you you agree no your phantoms alright um you guys think he’s Thanos coming purple in the chat because he’s phantoms I don’t know what you guys don’t think or else by another child I I thought I just bought like 50 what guy break it think I’m.

Broke give me that one um but see it broke the game Oh injury help wait how’d I think I broke the game yeah I broke the game because well it’s not giving me any more children like I can’t grab any more children all I have is phantoms Thanos and his smug little face so guys.

I think that’s gonna have to be it I’m gonna end here if you guys liked more this weird roblox game could you stop nope stop biting me alright she doesn’t wanna be on yep your duty I’m.

Not that was you didn’t see that okay I don’t have four pairs norms right we have to end here guys if you like beard roblox games comment stuff wait it’s coming I like turtles in the chat because I don’t even.

Know what is this game grab the child what’s more beautiful and grab the.

Child can I be here bye guys Braeburn.


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