Was good you rockin with your boys are all rights reserved you know it’s nothing without the cart sound in the background you already know shot the commenter nation the greatest nation since United Nations we pretend to get into it but before I even get into it go subscribe to that channel does our top of the th e capital.

CC ARR just type in the SAR and to your YouTube search engine and it’ll come up with.

The channel a thousand subs I’ll begin releasing videos a.

Thousand plus well you already know that comes with bonus features like any other unit like any other stand-up unit now let’s get into it quickly I want to say whoever’s wives those were that were shading trying.

To be loud yesterday your wife’s hit bro don’t disrespect me like that if you’re gonna send someone to try and shade and acting make sure your wife looks good I don’t know what officer’s wife oh and if she wants to say she’s single I’m single all night good then I know why okay don’t send.
The ones hit wife you’re mature you’re thin built but you’re still.

Moved they sat down and said let’s send the meekness women we have that work with our force to shade them that’s literally what it was cuz I’m not.

Offended I was cringing because I was like whose life is that you could dress nice if you want.

But when you’re hit your head you can be as skinny as you want but when you’re hit you’re hit I’m sorry ma’am you were beat and I wasn’t hurt by anything you were saying trying to be loud with your buddy.

Listen you two need to go out and get yourself together if you had any video it would have to come up ugly mature or ugly white it will have.

To my goodness since someone had if you got a hot wife and you’re at what authority please send her stop letting these guys send their beat.

Wives this is getting on my nerves please that’s the only thing that made me mad but why is he so keen why is he so beat laughing like she’s hot no you’re not I don’t care how nice your dress you were moved you were hit I’m sorry don’t come through here no more looking like that you could.

Be nice dress but don’t come through here like that please please you know what I get you guys wanted to send something to try and torture to speak loud about information they subtly know but the biggest torture is that you laid down with her I can’t believe you I’m sorry my do I keep a real everybody knows comment donation keeps the real if y’all.

Seen her look I thought a scary movie was beginning I walked in sat down you know she started trying to get live with what she is.

Talking about after I completed my video I wasn’t even mad I was just like man mysterious most torturous part is that you’re you sitting in here talking loud for attention but looking like that and thinking you don’t that was the max messed up partner I’m just keeping it real you know Zara rights reserved keeps.

Of real with you what’s good rocking with your boy yeah all rights reserved let’s get into this can someone send me and everything has a purpose video that Miami Herald spoke of declaring individuals who were actually riding or an individual riding with temptation at the bank please does someone have any footage of that can someone also this is number two give me some type of.


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