Why do we have a four-day weekend coming up when just three weeks ago we had a five-day weekend welcome to miss hood night because of this when I first saw this son I thought when I vote for somebody that would put up a sign like this and then I found out who she was running against and I thought.

Well better the potty then what’s in it Oh billboard for the school board come on it can’t be right oh you’ve been driving your bus all around the.

Neighborhoods and there’s political signs everywhere they use the schools as voting places where I live part of the American process and take it two days off people over politics don’t Jewish that would really happen all these people all these sons all these decisions I like to give a big shout-out to all my subscribers especially Leo and Ashley who always calm it and share information with me thank you all so much leave a comment ask a question leave.

A suggestion it’s just another day in this hood school bus life drive safe everybody and make sure on to say you vote.


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