All right and we are on the air hello everyone I’m Ryan Hayashi welcome to Hayashi dojo in Mannheim Germany this is my martial art studio karate school where I teach traditional Japanese shotokan karate this is little Johnny how old a note 14 yeah okay I met little Johnny three years ago now how time flies when he was just.
11 years old and I’ve Rebecca.

I’ve recommended you check out the the original YouTube series Cobra Kai the continued story of the karate kid because he reminds me a lot of the the main character Miguel he’s in the story he’s supposed to be around your age I don’t know if it’s like 14 15 he’s a Hispanic kid.

Growing up in the states with a single mom and he needs teammates Sensei Johnny Lawrence in his Cobra Kai dozer to teach him how to be a man which is the.

Same process you’ve gone through okay fear does not exist in this dojo does it pain does not.

Exist in this dojo does it defeat does not exist in this dojo does it no he’s a good kid he’s a good kid he’s learning a lot from me and to take out the step for now I want to I want to document the.

Now you’re now taller than me and he’s growing up to become like a second me now his mom is an Eastern European lady and and single mother who claims that your biological dad is is some charming good-looking Italian guy who I have seen yeah is a good cool good guy but the longer I teach you karate and magic because he’s also my magic student the more I’m convinced that you’re turning into.

My clone which is a good thing so as your magic career advances we will change your name from Gianluca maniaci to Johnny the maniac hayashi because I I feel in many ways you’ve heard me say this before that you’re you’re you’re turning into like like a Sun for me which is cool now what I would like to document here is one card trick which is going to be in your syllabus.
It’s like it’s like a kata it’s.

Like a forum you’ll learn I’ll demonstrate it here you can take over and you can just shoot me look at these cards and I can I can show the order this is a brand new deck of cards which I’ve just opened out of the package that’s what they call new deck order again it goes from ace to AC in perfect order now that is enough look how crisp and brand-spanking-new those cards.

Are right out of the package I love the smell of new cards no we don’t want the cards in that condition if I had people here I would I would literally just can’t have to the deck to to.

Somebody and say here you can help me make some of the cards I would mix some of the cards somebody else would also help me out and mix some of some of the cards and now because I don’t have some educators I have to sort of play the.

Part of various people this is a routine I love very much Johnny has reached the point where I’ll teach this to you know have you were conference once you can do this this is this.

Is pure this is a routine I call maximum chaos it deals with advancement of higher mathematics specifically chaos theory do you know no no yes what I usually do at this point is I.

Ask one of the spectators two young memories would just be the voice of the spectrum Jim Montgomery sure keep the camera here look down on these into the I said great if you have.


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