Hello and welcome to the fat boss guide to the undred dungeon on mythic our aim in this guide is to give you all the information that you need to clear this place in the early weeks of mythic zero however much the information easily applies to high mythic plus keys there’s a lot to go over so let’s jump straight.

Earned into the instance you’ll see two large packs of ticks these need to be avoided if possible because they each.

Apply a stacking dot to the tank and when they die they will explode dealing.

Damage to the entire group if you do end up pulling them which you probably will get ready to.

Their deaths on high mythic plus keys or use a defensive cooldown when they all explode.

Move away from the savage cleave the blood matron casts after charging a player you also want to sue off the enrage a hundred percent haste buff that applies to everything fire its war-cry cast as this cast can’t be interrupted you want to focus the.

Matron down over other ads and try and limit how many ads you pull.

While also fighting a blood matron headhunters will route around and player for eight seconds while stealing ticking damage to them the healer might need to spot heal this player as they are unable to move from other abilities blood priests will spam cast blood bolt onto a random player avoid interrupting this as instead you want to save your interrupts for the dark reconstitution heal and the gift of gun.

Buff it will place another trash this buff will increase the mobs damage by a hundred percent and prevent them from.

Dying for twenty five seconds if this does go through because you missed the interrupt then the buff can be purged you want to spread at least five yards when fighting the buff out spirits as they channel dark omen onto a random player dealing ticking damage to.

Anyone nearby you also want to make sure that you interrupt their.

Harrowing despair cast as it deals.

A ton of damage to the entire group after clearing.

Even the left or right hand side path you’ll reach elderly AXA now when players take any damage from this bosses abilities they will gain the taint of Gihon debuff which deals.

Taking damage and absorbs a set amount of incoming healing this is only removed when the healing absorb is out healed but it can stack fast if players keep taking damage from the boss so it’s very importantly you dodged as many abilities as possible Lee Excel will cast blood bolt on the tank dealing a small burst of damage this is the only interrupt will.

Cast in the fight so you might as well rotate kicks to keep the taint of gandi buffs.

To a minimum make sure you dodged the creeping Rob that crawls across the encounter space you can see which direction it will move as the boss will face a player to cast giving you more than enough time to move out of its path you need to dodge the boss when she teleports to a random player and cast sanguine fees dealing a burst damage to anyone nearby you need to nuke down the blood effigy ad when the boss cast blood mirror this ad will cause blood bolt.

And sanguine feast just like the boss does each time the boss casts blood mirror an additional blood effigy ad will spawn which could easily overwhelm you on long fights with high keys so when coming to this.

Boss you want to make sure that you.

Have bloodlust as well as all your cooldowns and when the ads spawn just instantly nuclear while dodging their abilities when moving towards the next boss you’ll fight a ton of different beasts including the packs of ticks that you saw at the beginning of the instance maggots will face a random player and spew out a rotten ball breath you’ll need to sidestep out of this as it does do a.

Damage blood swimmers will fixate on.

Random players for 15 seconds you.

Should use slows and displacements and stuns to help the fixated player kite them around they will also cause sonic screech which deals a burst of damage and interrupts anyone within 30 yards make sure you interrupt this cast interrupt the living rots wave of decay to prevent them from spawning goo underneath themselves.

Also dodge the swirlies that they mark under a.

Round and player as this will do a burst of damage to you when it’s hit by a bolt a few seconds later disease lashes are really dangerous trash mobs when pulled in great numbers you want to make sure that you interrupt their decaying.

Mind cast avoids that will apply a very long disease debuff on a random player.

Which stuns them and absorbs a large amount of incoming healing you can remove the debuff by dispelling the disease or simply out healing the absorption shield now before pulling the next boss crack more the infested you want to make sure that you clear a good amount of trash you can skip clearing aside the room if you like but just be ready to deal with them if you do accidentally pull them during.

The boss fight now whilst fighting cragmore the infested each of his abilities will spawn a bunch of larvae on the ground nearby after eight seconds these will turn into blood ticks which act similarly to the other ticks in the instance applying a stacking dot to the tank and exploding upon death now the lava can be removed by simply running over them the entire group should.

Focus on doing this throughout the fight to make sure that you.

Have as few ticks spawn as possible now the tank will need to permanently face the boss away from the group because of his indigestion frontal breath after the ref is ended make sure you quickly squish the bugs that spawn in front of the boss the group needs to avoid standing in the boss’s path as it charges towards.

A random player as it will deal damage and knock-back anyone in its way you do not want to move too far away from this path as a bunch of larvae will spawn along the route to make.

Sure you’re quick to squish them out when the boss.

Gains 100% energy he will go into a tantrum dealing damage to players over six seconds while stomping randomly around the encounter area of course leaving a bunch of larvae in his path now it’s super unlikely that you’ll be able to squish all of these.

Bugs when this is cast as they are so spread out so make sure you just get the ones that are nearby and then quickly kill off the ticks that spawn eight seconds later you need to be careful with cleave abilities during this time if you haven’t cleared all the trash as it is very easy to accidentally pull additional mobs during this tantrum if.

You’re slamming cleave spells into the boss after he’s dead you can move further on into the instance you’ll face reanimated guardians which will cast bone shield on themselves applying a magic buff which absorbs a set amount of incoming damage either interrupt the casts or purge the.

Buff to start dealing damage to the mob you want to interrupt the.

Full and death speakers raise dead cast otherwise a reanimated Guardian will spawn nearby you also want to interrupt their wicked frenzied enrage buff or just sooth it off.

Otherwise the death speaker will have a hundred percent more haste and their melee attacks will deal additional magic damage now grotesque Horrors are burrowed underneath the ground you can see where they are as.

There’s a little red and gray cloud on.

The ground if you move too close to this patch the horror will emerge and fight you.

When fighting these you need to interrupt their death bolt cast as it will deal damage and apply a magic dot to all players in the group this ability is cast super frequently so you will need multiple interrupts to make sure the spell doesn’t go off you can also stun the horrors as a backup if you do run out of kicks a later points in the instance there are scenarios where you could potentially pull two horrors at once this can be pretty disastrous as you know you’ve.

Got two casts going on at the same time just CC one of them and focus down the other blood sworn to filers are super dangerous spell casters make sure you interrupt.

Their withering cursed channel which applies a 10% damage dealt reduction and a 10% damage taken.

Increase every three seconds over 12 seconds the shadow bolt volley should also be interrupted especially if the group has any weathering curse stacks these two filers will also spawn a spirit drain totem nearby after a short interruptible cast you either.

Need to kill the totem or simply move away from before it explodes and stuns nearby players for 12 seconds once you do finally get for all this trash you’re ready to fight Xan cha now this boss has multiple mushrooms around the encounter space the group needs to destroy these mushrooms with the bosses abilities otherwise they will explode when the boss reaches a hundred percent energy dealing damage and applying a stackable diseased thought to everyone in the group if any mushrooms are.

Reaches a hundred percent energy somebody should just go and soak them as this will only deal damage and apply the dot to them and not the entire group the best person for this is somebody with a mobile immunity such as a rogue or a hunter and if not the tank is probably the next best bet now when fighting the boss the tank should face it into a pack of shrooms but.

When the shock wave is cast this deals damage to anyone within the frontal cone what’s also destroying the shrooms it hits players targeted by upheaval should surround.

Themselves in a pack of shrooms after six seconds they will leave.


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