Okay I say excuse my appearance I look a little bit rough and I can’t find my scarf and my hair is doing something anyway so I made to record me like actually eating the mushrooms or whatever but they were so good it was so good the sauce was good I’m happy that I decided to add the marinara sauce.

Just like ladies Samer in a skillet instead of putting the pasta sauce or the marinara sauce on the mushrooms and then the meat or vice.

Versa or whatever like all the flavors just kind of like got married together or whatever and then the cheese was good on top and blue cheese that I added to two of them that was pretty good as well so I definitely will be making that dish again I actually have made that before but instead of red sauce I had white sauce and it was chicken it wasn’t beef or pork it was like the Tison grilled chicken that she didn’t like the green.

Bow it was pretty decent but I think the red sauce just adds more flavor to it I probably will do like the kale and chicken or shrimp type up or deal with the mushrooms because the.

Possibilities are actually endless with that dish so overall I really liked it I paired it with a kale salad and then for dessert I had some keto mousse it was like the cheesecake flavor it was okay I don’t know how I feel I don’t know I feel like that like the more whipped cream that I tried to add the stiff for the product guy and it was like almost like glue so I couldn’t I just couldn’t it wasn’t really working for.

Me like I thought it was it it just wasn’t working so yeah I’m looking for other keto desserts and keto snacks cuz I’m a snacky like I like to have little things so yeah any suggestions Linda hey guys so we are making portobello well ok guys so today.

We have pizza style Portobello caps so instead of like actual bring Chris there will be a portobello instead so which.

We need obviously some portobello caps put a bellow put a billow caps I got my stuff all of these see.

Them really put a building camps pepperoni I’m actually beep antimony and this is the never any grass panic ground beef this meat is SuperDuper soft like it is like butter at first I was like with the devil like I’ve never had beef this off but it takes this so good like I don’t know how to.

Put into words like it was just it’s like the freshest Roundy’s that I can so I definitely won’t be going back to get some.

More of this also I am going to use minced garlic organic I think this is from Auggie’s some Walmart’s.

Well for me personally like this several world worse than I am I’ve seen it like 200 feet garlic butter pepperoni Portobello caps.

And marinara sauce this is from Audis as well the road I know this isn’t anything big but little this is just.

Great pepper yellow pepper orange pepper red onion and I believe I’ll put some white onion in here.

Or I might go ahead I just get so tired of having to bring out all of these you know ingredients and chop them up every time I cook so I’m just gonna put them in.

This like little cup or Bowl and honestly I probably lose this entire thing it’s not this entire week maybe next.

Week I just like the colors it makes the food just look better and in all these peppers and onions like it gives the food a better taste or not a better taste it just enhances the taste so yeah I just got tired of chopping up every single thing and it was just annoying me so I made a little dish and that’s just funny so let’s get started okay what you want to do next is start to brown some meat go ahead.

And turn a little bit of bacon fat just about this much you letting the heat up the snow or in a skillet this is how I put a bellows look.

Out the pic I will be taking this little rubbery flimsy stuff off and showing is how I clean my mushrooms some people leave what is this the gills some people leave this stuff on it just looks a little weird to me so I’ll take the caps off in a little bit go game time I don’t think.

About this baby now I’m going to add the pasta sauce for the marinara sauce just so everything you might get together okay also added the.
Mountain and salt and pepper to season the mushrooms.

Because once you eat the filling off of it the mushroom is kind of then I added some short chatter no I’m sorry mild cheddar on a layer the meat concoction on top okay she likes them okay so.

This is what your mushroom should look like I did go ahead and add a little bit of.
Blue cheese to two of them in the oven for about 15-20 minutes I.

Like my soul is really crispy so it’s keep them in there or as long as you want it you will just check on it every now and here but I like mine said my big you know she’s completely melted pepperoni glistening out like he’s like anyway it doesn’t look as.

Food as the picture I saw great it’s all about how it tastes.



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