What’s up guys so daily saying this I’m just happened a little bit ago total blew my fucking brain I’m also playing poker here so don’t mind me looking down every so often to check my hand this table that I match really good I’ve I’m understanding how these people play so go ahead and fold that hand that way talk.

To you yes was no longer so yeah they look same time just happened so something bizarre that I’ve never thought about.

So there buddy in Seattle I was texting him and I was like dude what the fuck you stay like saying I’m like my phone just swapped over from 2 o’clock to.

1 o’clock and then I thought wait a second dad I savings time happens at 2 o’clock in every time zone so right now it’s actually even though it just change to 1 o’clock my time it’s actually still really I was like it hasn’t happened.

To you yet so we’re only an hour apart right now it’s in two hours apart it’s just.

Kind of fucking crazy to think about like that’s really weird like I’ve never had that happen so it’s pretty cool so you got my hair down today special Wow these people are just they played everybody at this table please very.

Tightly did you literally checked around the whole table with a fucking two pair like a couple hands again crazy.

So yeah you never really had a nice little shopping day little just day around the town sort of get out of the house that really have to pair again mother fucker it’s fucking six four how am I supposed to not hold that people don’t check and now the one time.

I i don’t fold all this fucking waste.

$50,000 let’s see yeah i hit fucking nothing trying to bluff okay oh shit somebody hit something Wow yeah pocket fours and he hit a four on the fucking.

River for three of account and we should not have tried to do what I just did 6:10 here we go Oh baby yes it’s a lot fucking three-book guy let’s go we just call.

Just hit rock in Full House on the OL on the old river their return harder than that River so we’re gonna let him make his.

Own grave he’s been bedding every hand he’s gonna put in another 350 I’m gonna raise you seven to seven hundred cake boom oh my god full house get up above a band two point seven three million one I am now queen level five World Series a world star poker anyways I don’t care about that shit I was a brief aside so yeah we went much place day we walked.

Around the mall for a long time we mall food which was pretty crazy a whole bus full of fucking actually not it was like a bus full of just senior citizens immediately hit the mall went to.

The food court went to the one restaurant I only wanted to go to so she stood in line for just like literal ages so we eat food we walked around the mall folding that it was delicious found out that there’s a really awesome cool like downstairs area in part of the mall that has like a fucking like card game shop is that’s pretty cool also found out that hit two of the same suit and a fucking queen.

So we’re just gonna go ahead we’re gonna men raised right here or min bet sorry nothing right just see if we get some action for somebody got two pair now let’s crank it up to double pot confirm Oh baby fucking miss my flush but I still have two pair.


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