I want to talk about a highly strategic morning stand entrance strategy now I already talked about the morning stand strategies I can go in you know early right at daybreak break and then after and post straight day break stand entrance and that’s what I want to talk about here today and this is a good spot to illustrate this.

Is there are a lot of opportunities and again there’s no perfect time for you to get into a stand location some people say you got to be.

In there an hour before or two hours.

Or right at daybreak I like scene when I walk in there’s a perfect stand.

Entrance strategy for every stand but that doesn’t mean that it translates to every stand that there’s one certain time and this is a stand I wanted to talk about this one in particular because this is highly strategic and this happened I was watching.

A hunting show years ago and there’s giant cornfield and there’s a big buck coming out and they didn’t know how to hunt that buck because they couldn’t go across the field at night or during the morning and those.

Early morning dark hours because they’d smoke deer and I just wanted to jump into the TV.

Because there was a great opportunity for actually walking across that clone field when it was picked and getting into the edge of the woodlot after daybreak you just wait make sure all the deer cleared and then you walk straight into the stand location no different than what we do here we can walk this route in and.

Out of our stand location during the daylight hours but I would never come through here at dark we’d spoke deer the food plots right yeah I mean yeah we have wall switchgrass here and this these food plots are pretty protected but I would not risk walking.
Through here during the dark hours on the.

When we’re coming in to hunt we can walk right up through this food.

Plot get into the woods and get into our tan locations we can come out of the woods in the morning and and walk right through here but a great tactic is if I.

Want to go up and hunt this funnel right up here there’s a great funnel and pinch Punk we have two tree stands we have a waterhole we have a mock scrape showing you lots of.

Videos from that area lots of mature box moving through there I can walk through here I can sit back in the corner here on a little rise make sure that you’re all out of the fields they’ve all gone back.

To bed and I can head straight to a stand right up this hill and left to right I’m covered I’m covered up out here there’s no deer I can see there’s no deer and that can walk right into.

A stand location I’d get in that stand location ten minutes after daybreak half-hour hour.

And we’re shooting most of our blocks up in these hills right here between two and four hours after daybreak anyways Bucks are cruising or either cruising high or low on those upper benches or lower benches this can work in flatland.
Where you going into the edge of the woods.

Through a crop field through a cow pasture or whatever it might be but getting into the woods after daybreak making sure the coast is clear walking right into.

Very low impact very non invasive and I’d like to see you try that sometime if you have those variables there’s no perfect time to get into a morning stand that works for every stand location does just one access strategy of course there stands need to be accessed very early we back in bedding areas there’s little stands need to be accessed at daybreak or you need the cover of darkness.

But you can’t get into that stand too early because there’s deer that are gonna be downwind again you spook but today we’re talking about this stand.

Access right here post daybreak stand access I encourage you to try it if you have those conditions and it could be.

A highly strategic time to access your stand in the morning hours and very low impact very non-invasive help you sneak into that stand in that gear that’s traveling left to right very.

Low chance of spooking them on your way in.


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