Your verse how are you all doing hope things are going really well I’m actually out here this morning in the beautiful garden it’s so nice to be back and so nice to just wake up and just go outside and connect with nature right away like this is something that I love to do as a kid was always spend.

Time outside was always to go outside connect with.

Nature it was always a beautiful beautiful experience and I used to be you know you don’t realize hello Aisha how are you doing you don’t realize how much you actually take things for granted like wow like going away you move away.

From time to time good morning hello how are you how’s things you take things for granted in life and that’s why.

I want you to listen to what I want to share with you today in life we get so caught up on the next big thing the next goal the next vision what you want to achieve in your life and you.

Know to me this is everything like I freaking love this the sun is shining I’ve just woke up I just get.

Back from a morning walk and absolutely incredible and so many times in life we get so fixated and we get so caught up and achieve in the next goal and we forget to live AG K how are you good morning to you we forget.

In the moment we forget to live in the now we forget to appreciate what we already have because we’re so fixated and we’re.

So caught up and we’re putting our focus and our attention on what we don’t have and we focus on the lack of because we are reaching the goal for the next big thing morning Rachel how are you great to see you on here and today that’s why I wanted to jump on and share with you.

So important to find happiness now hello Pamela how are you really great to see you on here I want to jump on and share with you why it’s so important to find this happiness advantage right now why each and every single one of you need to tune in tap in and turn on to feeling that good feeling vibration right away and whenever you understand this you’ll understand.

That you know no matter what it is that you’re working for no matter what it is that you are going for no.

Matter what that big dream that big goal that big vision you’ll continue to put more trust in the universe you’ll continue to put more belief you’ll continue what or trust and belief within yourself that you know that.

It’s common because whenever you start to get satisfied with where you are right.
Now only more things can continue to erupt and.

Continue to grow and continue to be passed on for you as well and that’s why a lot of the times when ever comes to manifestation the law of attraction things get blocked for people and you might be asking why is because we do take things for granted in life we are hollow mad mad you’re mad turn I think it’s not here I’m gonna hope that’s.

Right like I’ve said in life we get so impatient with where we are we think we want some big thing we’re working towards happiness we’re working towards a big goal of a dream a.

Big vision a next thing what happens whenever we achieve that goal we get that dream car or we manifest that new mobile phone into our life or we treat ourselves to.

That new laptop all these materialistic things they only keep us happy for for a certain period of time they keep us happy for a tiny tiny tiny.

While and then next thing what happens we want something else we want the next big thing we want the next big goal the next big dream that makes big vision but.
We think that happiness is at the other side of that goal and.

We think that happiness can only be achieved and can only be understood whenever we get that thing you know I am working towards this and want to become the manager of my job I want to manifest a new job I’ll be happy whenever I make it in my new job and for me it’s the other way around achieve happiness right now like in this moment right now I want you to decide today Massillon I’m gonna choose to be happy right now sadness mo these words are really.

For me because now I was upset about the result I just saw I felt so sad thank you so much for these wonderful words amazing I didn’t even know I was gonna say this whenever.

I come on this video so that just proves to you that there’s something much stronger much greater and much.

Bigger than me you and everything around us that allows me to continue to pour this out there.

Choose to get happy now I’d be happy with your situation right now because I’ve shared.

The statistic before by William Dyer he says if you have clothes on you’re back you’ve got a roof over.

Your head you’ve got a mobile phone or an internet connection which I know each and every single one of you guys do have because you when we.

Watch in this video you’re actually richer than 75% of the world’s population now that that’s pretty scary you know richer than.

75 percent of the world’s population which is incredible which is so amazing by family my family’s all leaving me here this morning and it it’s a reason it’s like I was like wow that’s crazy you see they’re gone and whenever I learned this statistic and whenever I heard the.
Statistic I said to myself wow I’ve actually got so much.

More to be grateful for like I used to think I was a grateful person and then I heard these statistics and I.

Was like hmm okay you must you must if you must you must to achieve happiness for the rest of your life I tell you one thing comment yes if you want me to tell you the secret to living happy for the rest of your life comment yes and if I get enough yeses in there.

I’ll tell you right because when I find this out I said to myself wow I’ve never I have never any reason to not be happy like when I heard this it was like wow this is so simple okay so Pamela saying yes I’m sure the rest of you guys do you want to hear as well so the secret to live in happy for the rest of your.

Life is to live in the moment now some of you might be thinking oh I have heard that before but what do we actually mean what do I actually mean when I say live in the moment when we say live in the.

Moment it means to literally live moment by moment because I want you to.

Know what I want you to understand that the past is gone you just have the memories of the past right the future is promise 10 none of us – neither you nor me nor anybody well it’s good to anybody around us but you can see I live in the countryside there’s.

Not that very many people here and if you just choose to live in the moment and to not worry about the next thing to not worry about the next paycheck to not worry about where the next jobs going to come from to not worried that materialistic thing that you’re looking for.

You just choose to live happy no like oh my god yes this life is amazing like right now you’re on this video I’m on this.

Video I’m enjoying myself where I am you can choose to enjoy yourself where you are to I give you a big smile across the camera you give me a smile across the camera you comment down below whenever I ask you to comment down below we’re just living in the moment we’re taking away what we want to get from this video I’m channeling I’m pouring this information out there continuously every single day you guys register and absorb what comes through to apply into your life.

And my message today I want to put others to just live in the moment but to never forget that happiness is a choice it’s not something that you can you know I just want to choose to be happy on Friday and on Thursday and on Monday no I tell you one secret and I really want to share.

This with you all if you choose to live happiness each and every single moment of your life and you literally take this life moment by moment by moment step by step by step trust me one thing if you believe that you attract what you are more things like.

That will continue to show up for you and I do urge every single one of you to see the positive in every situation you.

Give me a situation where there’s maybe some negativity in there maybe there’s some down for maybe some down streams I’ll pull the positive out for you because I really do believe everything is as it’s meant to be there should be a learning there should be a teaching there should be something that comes from that in order to pass that on to someone else if I ever experienced something in my life where things don’t go necessarily the way I wanted them to go instead of saying you know.

Let’s focus on the negative why did this happen to me why God why universe why me flip that around right flip that around completely and say to yourself right okay how can I take.

This situation how can I make it better number one how can I take this situation how can I.

Pass it on to someone else to allow them to come out the other side much happier much health much more vibrant you know use your story use what it is that you experience to help and encourage other people and so many times people think per little me look at my story look at.

Is that I’m going through when I say when I’m coaching them yo listen conjure story is a blessing do you think that with your.

Story that you are listening to or that you’re going through right now do you think there’s somebody out there.

In the world in the world who is going through that right now if the answer is yes I believe you’ve got a product you’ve.

Got a service you’ve got a message to bring out to the world to help other people and I want you all to know that no matter who you are no matter what it is that you’re doing right now no matter who’s watching this video there is someone out there in this world that needs your help and you are a vessel to help and.

Serve people and their show with you on there right now and you may.

Have gone through some things that I have not gone through and there’s people out there that you will resonate with so much more than what I could resonate with them count your blessings guys as Anna’s just say count your blessings I swear there’s more things to count your blessings for as there is.

That what you don’t have in life like I don’t know where you guys are right now but I’m back home and sometimes we do take things for granted I’m enjoying this beautiful sunny glorious green morning and it’s really amazing it’s it’s like wow it’s super super.

Incredible and I want you all to know that happiness can be.

Achieved right now and this is my last day here I actually fly back first thing tomorrow morning I’m gonna be sad to be leaving a bit but I’m super excited to get back because like I’ve been sharing.

With you guys we’ve got some incredible things coming up all.

Your quest I’ve gone on to one one flip chart one board where the videos are gonna be on there and I’m.

Gonna compile all the videos together in order to create the best content the most relevant content the most step-by-step content because my big thing though for you guys is helping you develop that understanding but nor to literally giving you step-by-step formulas to apply into your life because I want the results to come your way like they have key in my way that they continue to come my way and I want you guys to be rockin I want you guys to be runnin with this.

Law of attraction manifestation I want you to understand that this is a way of life it’s not a choice it’s not something that you tune in on a Monday Tuesday Thursday and decide to use it is so going.

To be something that I want you guys to live with 24 hours a day seven days a week 365 days a year so I know San where is the vision for masculine like I don’t want to answer that question right now because I’m so excited for myself I cannot wait yes it’s really amazing Sapna says hello a.

Being of light and love how are you I love calling you that me and it’s sounds really cool the vision board one though I know just just you stay tuned 3:10 p. from Singapore Wow crazy incredible I love time zones I love how we’ve got the power of the Internet to connect all across.

The world Yellow Sun how are you doing I’m just about to Oh Sun look there you are look there’s Sun hope you like that one you might do video on water Hey yes absolutely I’ve got like.

Put all the requests in after this video is over put them down below in the comment section they’re all being compiled onto one place right now it’s so guys what’s about to happen is just.

About to get crazy crazy crazy crazy anyway guys I want you to go and have a fantastic day I’ve got a busy day ahead scheduling some things for you incredible people yeah and you know if you ever come across a video that you feel like you know that.

I have put out there and you feel like a family member or friend or someone needs to hear what it is that I have said please do sure the message please do pass it on get people to subscribe get people to you know listen to what it is that I’m saying because everything on this is not just a message.

It’s also a message for me but there may be something that you hear that somebody in your family a friend a close one a loved one may need to.

Hear and from a couple of words of wisdom may be able to help them get out from that deep hole that they think that they are in and if there’s any way that I can be of any positive inspiration to any buddy that’s what I truly want to do and truly want to come from and serve from is really from the heart to be able to be a message.

Of light and love as someone’s nirmaan here is and to go out there and remember if you’ve not done so already be sure to hit the thumbs up in this video today be sure to comment below after this video is over and turn on the notifications button and subscribe if you have not done so already guys I want to say a massive thank you so so much you’re all incredible you’re.

All beautiful I’m so excited for what we.

Have to come and I appreciate you every single morning with your consistency tuning in every.

Single day to support this channel to pass on the message and to go out there to step into your power T charge of your life and live life to the best potential that you have never done so before but for now guys my so limp is out bye bye.


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