Why do the Liberals race bait always mention identities that are super involved into identitarian politics why do they do this they’re doing it right now with some of the most ridiculous things you’ve ever heard of welcome to another jinx talk my name is Erin jinx I’m obsessed with freedom we talk about financial freedom political freedom and personal freedom.

And today we’re gonna talk about why and what in the hell is going on with a lot of the liberal politicians and all all virtually all of the liberal media especially like universally all of mainstream.

Media plays the identitarian politic identity politics and really got popularized by Oh bummer I mean Obama and why do they do it well the reason they do is because it’s highly effective it’s actually a branch of cultural Marxism where you have an idea of the world based upon power and that in order to ascend power you.

Have to dominate someone else and that you have the haves and the have-nots you have the people being oppressed and you have the oppressors there’s many problems with that way of looking at the world and one of the most deadly.

Of them then I say deadly on purpose because it actually is a deadly ideology to way the way to look at the world.

Like that is that you don’t deal with people.

As individuals you deal with them as a collective if you notice liberals they’re always talking about this community that give me the trans community the gay community the black community the Latin community and just looking on the front page is seeing in you’re likely more times than not to see them using that damn identitarian politics all over the place why do they use identity politics well.

The most basic and primal instincts within human beings what is it it’s called ableism and.

Tribalism brings out the savage and down the got-damn savage and us all it makes us.

All be like oh you know what you’re against us and we’re against you and my people and black power and white power and all kind of power and this that and pro Germany and propyl bitter it makes us crazy because we evolved by being territorial but we’re getting out of that we’re.

Trying to ascend and try to go to another place and this is one of the beautiful well beautiful things about America is we treat people as individuals and not as collectives we don’t need to be having black this and white.

That and all these different things and this the black statistics and dividing things that what difference does it make anyway oh wait.

Make sure we protect the justices of protected disadvantaged classes who gave you the idea that of classes where does this come from this comes from an offshoot of cultural Marxism wrapped up and disguised in sympathy but sympathy is not always the best thing.

For people America was built to check the founding documents check the writings of the founding fathers to build to be a meritocracy you get to the top by earning your way to the top.

Giving people handouts it’s treating them a special ad special this person is special that doing this for this group that.

For that group it doesn’t do any good for people it destroys the evolved human spirit to survive a will to live when you give people things it diminishes them it’s not what you do and it’s also dangerous because when you talk about like the whites doing this this you know you can’t do this you you whites America has a problem now with white guilt where white people are being.

Guilted mostly by other white people you know sometimes minorities do it but it’s mainly white.

People guilting other white people for having this fake idea of white privilege which is not a real thing anyway we could talk about that in another video but it’s not a real thing it’s a bunch of poopoo it’s a bunch of bullshit you know it’s not real but when you give people an identity you cause them to either accept it or Rebelle against it like if you called me.

A rapist and I don’t say anything about it’s like I’m complicit it’s like I’m admitting.

It it so it’s like you forced me to have to respond by saying that so I looked on CNN just today and they’re talking about a man who said at the.

Race in Florida the gubernatorial race in Florida where you got a.

Black guy and a white guy and you got he’s a dark-skinned black guy too and a really.

White looking white guy you know like an all-american white guy and then they’re both like stereotypical of each other stereotypical looking black dude he’s dark see.

And he’s not light-skinned like Obama and then a white looking doll baby white guy you know blue eyes brown hair you know mr.

Squarepants and all that stuff so it’s a very hotly it’s it’s a very close.

Race right now and some guy said well it’s it’s a something like it’s a cotton-pickin.

At all he said cotton-pickin it’s got racial overtones no it doesn’t you idiot no it does you idiot it’s not cotton picker it’s cotton pickin you ever live in the south you you schmuck you see that that’s cotton and if you ever pick cotton you know it don’t give you.

No cotton just don’t give it stuff and you’re gonna make you damn fingers bleed cuz it’s tough it means it’s tough when I say man that was a cotton.

Picket that means it’s tough it’s hard it’s called an idiom it’s not racist and by the way you don’t define words by their by their history by their history you do not define a word you define a word as it.
Is used is a fallacy to try to look up the semantics history of.

A word you don’t do that anybody knows that who knows anything about debating you see I know I think I know that these people know these things these journalists if that’s even a real career anymore and.

They know these things they’re just trying to get clicks they’re a dying industry you’re dying you’re dying and they’re just like people in the ocean who are just that swai they say you gotta watch out for something somebody’s drowning they’ll drown everybody else with them and that’s what the mainstream media is doing in.

A lot of the liberal people not all liberal people yeah I know some good liberal people out there but you know they’re being led by people who are in a dying industry the mainstream media 80% liberal and it’s dying it’s it’s good the Internet is like it’s it’s cut its throat and it’s bleeding out.


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