Hey guys Chrissy here and I’m just gonna go for what I did for italic from my point of view as a holy paladin now this can also apply to other healers these are the talents I use for this fight so if you are a holy paladin you can hit pause right now to check it out right off the.

Poll I go right up front in melee range a few things to note as I’m casting judgement holy shock and light have done on cooldown every time he’s gonna throw his cudgel he’ll.
Give you some warning that’s.

For you to get out of the way and this is a great time to use your raid healing cooldown so in this case I used my aura mastery I was using aura.

Of mercy so that was a great group heal too just to get everybody’s health back up he’s eventually gonna retrieve his cudgel just get out.

Of his path when he casts and green static you want to get out of the way you could sidestep it’s like.

A cone shape in front of him whichever way he’s facing so just avoid that stage – you’re gonna be moved onto an elevator that is descending on heroic mode you’ll see beams of light but this is taken from normal and I assume an LFR – there won’t be any beams but just keep that in.

Mind if you are in heroic and this is really good for group healing because everybody’s stacked up so just keep everybody alive group heals light it Don is great your tanks should be tanking these slime blood bubbles that are spawning here just be sure that you’re not standing directly on top of them because they.

Do have a little bit of a knock-back ability so just be aware of that because you don’t want to be knocked off the lift prematurely repeat the same mechanics.

That you were doing in phase 1 if you get plasma discharge be sure to run away as you could see I received the plasma discharge shortly.

After we landed and I was a little disoriented but fortunately I did not drop it too close to anybody in.

The raid so I kind of got away with that there he’s thrown the cudgel again same thing group healing keep everybody alive you’re gonna get fixated on just run away from whatever is fixating you you don’t let it get to you or else you’ll take a lot of damage and just like I.

Said rinse and repeat the same strategy and you guys will be fine so thanks for tuning in guys if you like this kind of strategy it’s my overview of me just free talking and commentating on what I did during.

The fight really unscripted but a little bit more open-ended if you liked it let me know in the comments below give the thumbs up I’m also open to suggestions and feedback.

So if you guys have any ideas for future videos please let me know thanks again guys for watching hit the sub button and follow my live stream on Twitch to see when I go alive see you next time.


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