Hey is your money working for you or are you working for money hi guys my name is Adam I’m the founder of the digit Exchange price going on it’s great you know you can store and transfer wealth between anybody in any country trust lessly with nothing more than an internet connection you know virtually free it’s so simple and.

You can’t put something like that back in the bottle it is gonna change the fucking world the way the only innovative thing we’re doing and I say only is you know the ability to change without.

Paying any Commission’s on any trades mean that that’s per unit and you know those machines aren’t gonna be writing checks to each other you know they’re not gonna have bank accounts and you know.

Waiting three fucking days for the.

Payment to arrive no those machines are going to be using crypto currency right so.

Anyway then we dust off the old refer-a-friend feature remember that one from the ico we know that fucking works right Lambos and yachts and now I’m just joking the exchange.

Can function sustainably and indefinitely without charge in any transaction fees now do you think that might be popular in 2018 do you think people might like that idea of course they will there’s going to be hundreds of thousands of people needing to buy digital tokens when.

The exchange launches so so we’ve only just started you know we’re gonna get that waitlist up to a million people there’s no doubt in my mind now that that waitlist is gonna be.

A million people or more I was gonna say put everything you’ve got into crypto that that wouldn’t be I’m not a financial adviser don’t take financial advice off someone like me but seriously put everything you fucking got into Kritzer because in the next 20.

Years the next 10 years it is gonna change the.

Face of the world in ways that you can’t even imagine but a lot of YouTube with you as pioneers twitter influences those kinds of people and so basically yeah Twitter influences YouTube influences sounds sexy donut these coins that are out of pen you know what I mean it has a lot more growth for it right so guys that’s all I have you my links at the bottom four digit test.

For you sign up if you’re interested you got 19.

Hours there’s no key oh I see there’s no white listing there’s no max as you can see right here here there’s one penny right hey man I’m all for it guys it’s your boy the clip the lifestyle.

Trying to give you guys the latest of the greatest and we want to see a profitable let’s make a few million in 2018 I’ve been reading on the internet also that I’m not real increase in supply 0.
3% inflation basically you know and that’s before.

A product we don’t even have a product yet what do you think we’re gonna do when the exchange opens you think we’re just gonna quit.

We only just fucking start wrecking them attract professional traders there’s gonna be scalpers you know swing traders and momentum traders arbitrageurs BOTS it’s gonna be a fucking free-for-all our markets are just gonna be crazy liquid we’re just gonna flop it makes up.

The ass dude I mean that’s just what we’re gonna do I mean there’s no there’s no other way of saying it really I mean and we’re not gonna do it gently either I don’t think there’s gettin gonna be any Lube involved there Arthur I think we’re gonna.

Do it prison style so one get.



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