Leslie Lewis: Today, we’retalking about Citrus Fresh.

It’s one of Young Living’s mostpopular and most favorite blends.

It’s a combination of orange,grapefruit, mandarin, lemon, tangerine, and alittle pop of spearmint. Carla Belliard-Rodriguez: We loveCitrus Fresh because it’s got an invigorating andpositive aroma. So when you diffuse itor use it topically, as well as inhaling it directly,it just boosts that environment.

It just makes you – It’s a good mood oil.

It just makes youfeel happy and bright.

Love about CitrusFresh is the versatility that it comes in both the Vitalityand a topical and aromatic. And for those of youwho don’t know, Vitality is intended to beused internally and ingested. Some of my favorite uses forthe Vitality Citrus Fresh are in marinades,in baked goods.

I like to put it in vanillafrosting.

And also, you can putit in vegetable caps and fill it the rest of the waywith an oil like olive oil or coconut oil, and useit as a supplement to support youroverall wellness.

Using it is in guacamole to give it just a littlebit of a citrus taste to it. We’re forgetting ourabsolute, all-time favorite use of Citrus Freshand why it’s going to be your newfavorite: NingXia Red. I mean, I don’t thinkI was forgetting that. It’s just like, oh, it’sin the back of my head. It brightens theentire flavor profile.

Hit itwith a little bit of Citrus Fresh, and let us know what you think.

Mention Vitality versusthis presentation, topical and aromatic.

Both of these productsare 100% therapeutic grade. They’re just labeleddifferently, and so we recommend Vitality for internal use, and then thisone you can use for everything else. – If you want to use it as apersonal perfume, cologne, whatever you want. – You can make your spritzer foryour. With a little bit of witch hazelin. – And it’s great for fresheningthe air, freshening your linens. I love to add this tomy laundry as well. Before I put it in the dryer,I put it on the dryer balls and toss it in the laundry;it smells so good. – And because I’m Dominican,I have to cook every day, and sometimes.

Thosecooking sessions don’t go that well at nightbecause it infuses my house if I’m notdiffusing anything. So this is one of mygo-to to diffuse. As soon as I turn the stoveon, I diffuse Citrus Fresh, I take care of theoffensive smells, I know that I’m going to eatyummy food and I don’t have to eat. Like, when I go into my room,it’ll smell just fresh and nice. So we hope you’ve enjoyed learninga little bit about Citrus Fresh. And if you’re interestedin more information, you.

Can go to your virtualoffice under member resources to the YL Central,and there’s an entire micro-courseon Citrus Fresh.

Howyou use Citrus Fresh, because we lovelearning from you guys. You guys have – you’re aworld of information. And share this videoso that everybody else can learn more aboutCitrus Fresh.


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