Oh my goodness in this week’s video I’m testing out some weird fall foods if you notice I’m filming a vlog behind the scenes for this video anyway any of you guys enjoyed this week’s video and let’s just get started it I am really scared okay I’m sorry if there’s any background noise but let’s play the paulanos also this.

Video is like inspired by Alicia Murray’s testing pumpkin spiced boobs thought I’d do a little twist on it with like fall foods so not everything is gonna be pumpkin spice flavor isn’t so bad but it’s not.

A scent that I got down remember they’re like some chocolate there’s chocolate with a mix of like an orange thing or a 7 out of 10 because I made you like pumpkin spice this is definitely probably like a 9 or 10 out of 10 for you I’d rather have one that not have one I’m excited for the next thing so it’s apple-pie Oreo I was about to say you could tell me that it’s like graham cracker flavor and now we believe your face on the fence but then it says.

It’s grim flavored cookie like it’s like graham cracker cookie and guessing like the cream is the Apple part we’re like normal Milano better than normal Oreos but I like the apple.

Pie Oreo better than the pumpkin.

Spice Milano all of you guys want to see some more like weird Oreo flavor.

Should check out my video it’s like one of my first videos it was testing weird oriole flavors if you want.

To see a cup of corn oil check out this is no I was pretty much most excited for it’s a Halloween crack but I’m happy that goes turn mill cream so I’m guessing if you add milk to it there’s something in this Yura that make it time green so I think every cool oh my goodness I see a little bit of green ICI had to turn down all the ISO but it’s green it.

Does taste very good some oatmeal some pumpkin spice oatmeal look what just happened just a little reminder it does expand oh it exploded um now doesn’t that look appetizing it doesn’t taste too much like pumpkin spice I I.

Think I like that one better than normal oatmeal but I still like apples and cinnamon oatmeal better than that one it tastes really.

Like apple cider as much as I would hope for I would probably know this if this was on like a cake 7 because it does is good but it just doesn’t really tastes like apple cider too much is Twinkies oh.

No my camera has a little better okay if you’d like honking spice maybe that taste good they got like too big of a bite or something where this funny texture oh so your.

Bagels look like because niggas out downstairs just like I did with some of the other ones we have let’s go see what it tastes like yeah I just ripped it out very unevenly what hmm these bagels are pretty good I would probably rate them like an IR can I hope you guys enjoyed this.

Week’s video be sure to subscribe below if you enjoy some of these things just weren’t that good and that’s.

Just my personal opinion you know that clothes is probably a lot of people out there little roof up pumpkin spice stuff so make sure to follow my popjam if.

You don’t know what that is I’ll just put like the whole description thing in the link below and I will see you in my next.


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