Now former Prime Minister David Cameron is rumoured to be considering a return to frontline politics two years after resigning following the brexit referendum friends claimed he’s bored of life outside politics working on his memoirs and even say he’s eyeing the role of foreign secretary after stepping down as p.
he also quit as a Member of Parliament saying he’d.

Be a distraction to Theresa May as she negotiated brexit.

But having campaigned to remain in the.

The result went against him many feel his reputation has been tarnished and the possibility of a return has not gone down well among Internet commentators but what does the man and woman on the street think of Cameron’s return a team went to find out yeah I’ve been a good thing because we need Ivan he’s a moderate voice and and we need some moderate voices at the moment I hope yeah because it’s the only sensible Prime Minister he had.

For a long time unfortunately and the words I would use are so rude that you could never show it to anyone else David Cameron returning into politics.
I don’t think the general public would feel.

In any way shape or form well disposed toward him he’s basically torn the country apart in order to keep his party together if he won’t sue there’s nothing to stop him he just has a stand for election because he’s not at him an MP so that’s the first step would you like him to stamp oh no I mean my personal viewers are you know I I was in his cabinet no my personal view is the.


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