What would you say is the center of our city but for you is the exact center of Madhumita maybe it’s Triangle Park downtown maybe it’s up a little further City Hall and the library maybe it’s the farmers market or the community garden in the summer or the hockey rinks in the winter the endless winter my dog would say.

That it’s Catherine Abbott Park on any morning rain or shine at 7:00 a.

for some of us it might be the community meal at st.

Andrews on Thursday night may be the.

Only hot meal that a family’s going to have that week or maybe it’s the food shelf at st. Jude’s which is a lifeline between survival and disaster for a while for some of us it is the real center of town what is it for you for me the center of our city is any kindergarten class at Wildwood school on any morning think of the five year olds actually four year olds who will enter our new building in the fall they will come as they do.

Now from will Annie and from delwood they’ll come from newer houses on East Avenue or older ones like mine built a hundred years ago as a summer cottage for somebody still completely drafty in the winter they’ll come from families who are lifelong residents of Madhumita and Minnesota and America and they will come from families who are new to every one of those places who call it home here just the same with just as much Authority.

And they will speak as they do now a beautiful bouquet of languages it’s a wild mix at Wildwood and for me that is the center the class of 2027 so think of that for just a moment 20:27 who will graduate into a very different town than the one we.
Live in now what if we embraced right.

Now and wholeheartedly changing demography of our city and celebrated the greater ethnic and cultured of cultural diversity that these children will surely experience and in fact that they are living right now what if we were to partner maybe with century college and or.

With our local congregations or through community education to engage this pluralism gladly and imagine our bright future what if we could gather all of us and others not here this morning in the way those children gather every day in small human scale circles within which we could get to know each other really well across town across all our differences of faith politics ethnicity economics ability and experience I think of households with children and of elders living.

Alone I’m thinking of longtime residents and brand new comers homeowners renters neighbors at st. Andrews village we live in such isolation sometimes from our closest neighbors as other speakers have said we’re cut off by busy lives by busy streets Stillwater road and Madhumita Avenue which are no longer residential.

Roads at all their highways and therefore they’re not just conduits anymore they are barriers sometimes we are cut off just by loneliness or by invisible walls like class wealth falls so unevenly in our city as it does in every city but we have abundant resources here everybody has something to contribute to enrich everybody else a few years back when the recession was really starting to sharpen its claws and dig into.

Us all of us small groups called common security clubs were established in a number of cities all across the country these are the.


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