Good morning Fidel today’s Friday November 9 my name is Eli Mackenzie on today’s show you’ll see a video about the blood drive and on the couch you’ll see boys water polo teachers please open your email the question of the day the email address is little TV 404 at gmail.

com today’s question of the day is what your to the.

First Macy’s Day Parade take place hey why did you donate any blood no I did it but thank you to everyone who.

Donated and now enjoy a video on the red cloth cross blood drive hi I’m Julia right I’m Katrina Rhonda and we’re both board members for the American Red Cross Club today we had a.

Semi annual blood drive and we had a good turnout we had over a hundred people that volunteered to donate their blood today and if you were able to.

Donate today don’t worry because you have another one in the spring so stay tuned for details on that one nice Saturday school is this weekend November 10th from 8 a.
Up with your teacher or meet at the cafeteria tables by 8:00 a.
night to ride their bikes and skateboards to school the bike racks and scape talks have been relocated to safer and more convenient location by the senior games and now to Cameron said in a live on the couch with boys varsity water polo good morning nights we have varsity Foothill water polo on with the couch.

Today so how was your guys’s game this week it was good we beat CDM 1210 and overtime and we played a good game so you guys have you’re really picking though this Saturday what time.

And we’re at 1210 Irvine High School defending champs how do you guys feel about going into.

This next game yeah we’re pretty confident we work together well and if you plan our best game we’ll win yes so I guess with the staff game this weekend what would that mean for the team we’ve come a long way it would be fantastic Entertainment News David Attenborough is set to marry a.

New Netflix wildlife series our planet Tom Hiddleston is also confirmed to star in the new Marvel movie series about Loki I do love Marvel there would be a financial aid workshop Tuesday November 13 3 to 5 in the library presented by Santiago Canyon college and you have any see messages in the College and Career Center also learn about college options abroad with a mini international college fair on November 14th in lunch at the quad in exciting news three Italian physicists came.

Up with the perfect equation for pizza using a thermodynamic equation they concluded that cooking a margarita pizza 475 degrees Fahrenheit for a hundred and seventy seconds.

In an electric oven results in a perfect toasty bottom cook times barrier with additional toppings happy birthday to seniors ethan de la.

Riva and veronica rodriguez the answer to the question of the day what year did the first Macy’s Day Parade take place is 1924 and the winner is to be announced just to remind there.

Nights there is no school on Monday in honor of Veterans Day thanks for watching the show today photo I’m Eli Mackenzie have a fantastic Friday.


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