What’s going on hey we’re late we’re late his fault yeah I don’t actually know why we why we go this week I went home I go yeah you had a headache so yeah I got a I had a migraine when we were supposed to film we scheduled the whole thing like yeah we’re gonna film this day he went.

To go pick up his kids from school and when he came back I wasn’t here cuz I went home yeah I thought you were mad yeah I was mad and having a migraine yeah okay not at you should I have been mad at you I don’t.
Know I mean I didn’t really.

Tell you I was leaving Oh welcome back to us were adopted don’t make it weird we were just late yeah we’re late we’re late to the party this week we are back to answering your guys’s questions.

Comments and we are gonna go back to a couple weeks ago cuz we told you that we would do this so noodle this one’s for you we.

Are going to be talking about today and our understanding of the politics of International Adoption Oh.

I feel like I need a customer the theme song would join us today at 6:00 when we talk about the politics of International Adoption that’s been really good I’m really I’m playing a lot.

Of things there’s politics involved in adoption internet and then I can’t wait a while yeah who does the sickest backflips who does the best.

Adoptions actually it was like the worst adopting parents in like the the Lego Batman movie I go Batman just nice.

Good horrible adoptive parent hashtag triggered because he didn’t even know that he was an adoptive parent he got distracted and Robin was all excited about it getting.

Adopted uh you know Batman or Bruce Wayne Batman dad hmm and it turned out that he didn’t even know that he was his dad so that was awful yeah.

Let’s talk more about things that aren’t good politics in International Adoption I mean that could be worse it could so they have not a lot more.

You know since we were adopted we were adopted in the 80s you know back in the 80s there was this big boom and it was like hashtag trending to to get an asian maybe because they did hashtag trending.

Back then they do just call people hey coughing a baby hashtag trendy yeah I don’t know how in depth I want to go on this the the idea behind adoption is interesting because because it’s about adopting orphans right but like the traditional though the old-school definition of orphan would have been somebody whose parents had died right right and the current definition of adoption very rarely actually has anything to do with with parental.

Death and has more to do with the termination of parental rights right so most most of the adoptions that we’re aware of anyway have more to do with like a family as either decided they’re incapable of parenting or the state has terminated because a parent has been deemed unfit or.

Something like that and so what what’s what happened during the 1980s when we were adopted was that we’re we were kind of on the tail end of the aftermath.

Of the Korean Conflict yo right and GIS were seen as as like this just all-encompassing force of good and.

Had actually taken a lot of quote-unquote orphaned kids on to army bases or something like.


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