Thank you so much good afternoon everyone is everyone staying cool see I’m envisioning I’m on an iceberg right now it’s all mental my name is flora posture aro I’m from Pittsburgh I I encourage audience participation I’m from Pittsburgh yes thank you I am the proud daughter of Italian immigrants and I’m happy to tell you I’m proud to tell.

You I come from very humble beginnings we didn’t have much growing up but we had two things that you have in every Italian household we had a lot of love and we had a lot of food because two Italians food is love so I would come in the house and my mother.

Would say to me did you eat I said yeah ma because in Pittsburgh you don’t call your mother mother you don’t say mom you call him math yeah my I ate okay I’ll make you something to eat mom I just ate you.

Got it eat that’s the way they showed love and I had a lot of love in my house and a lot of support and from the time I was.

Little I knew I wanted to be a television news broadcaster I don’t know why it’s just what I wanted to do and I knew I wanted to do it I was intrigued by it I liked the idea that something new was happening every day and I was going to pursue my dreams it’s a hard business.

It’s a very competitive business and you have to have nerves of steel to succeed because you will encounter obstacles along the way in the first obstacle came when I was in college and one of the women from the television stations came from Pittsburgh came to my college California University of Pennsylvania yeah and she talked about the industry and after she gave her speech I said to her I want to get into the.

News business I want to be an anchor and she looked at.

Me and she said you don’t have the look you don’t have the voice have you thought about doing something else I said no this is my dream and then I went back to my dorm room and I cried the next obstacle came when I took an internship at a Pittsburgh television station and one of the men at the station said to me you want to succeed in this business you need to lose 10 pounds off.

Your backside I said what he said you need to lose 10.

Pounds off your backside I went home I cried and I ate a donut I didn’t lose 10 pounds off my backside because I was going to do this my way and I did it.

I took a job my very first job in Clarksburg West Virginia I was the weekend anchor and then I took a job in Johnstown Pennsylvania where I was an anchor and a reporter I moved on to wilkes-barre there you go for wilkes-barre and by the time I was 27 I did it I achieved what I wanted to achieve I got a job in the fourth largest market in the country right here in Philadelphia.

I did it ABC 6 WP bi Action News along the way people.

Told me you’re not gonna make it you can’t do it you’re in the wrong profession you’re never gonna get anywhere I had people who told me to change my last name posture arrow it sounded.
Too ethnic I didn’t do any of it I stayed true to.

Myself and I persevered so I worked at Action News for a number of years and I loved it long days long nights weekends holidays and then I got to.

A point where I wanted to start a family so I took a professional to motion for a personal promotion I stepped down from Philadelphia and I took a job at a television station in Harrisburg I was the noon and 5:00.

O’clock anchor I was married we built a house I had a good job I had a baby life was good what could go wrong nothing well my marriage fell apart I was heartbroken I was crushed and I was paralyzed I was mourning the death of my marriage and I think a lot of you here are probably divorced and know what I mean when I say.

That I was in mourning I was in bed couldn’t get up after about three days my dad came into the room and he said you’re not the first person to get divorced you’re not gonna be the last person.

To get divorced now get up get out of bed because your son needs you he was only two.

Years old he was right I got up and I moved on and Here I am 17 years later I’m still a single parent and I’m happy to tell.

You that my son is happy he’s healthy a very respectful young man who just started his sophomore year in college he’s my pride and he’s my joy I did it I got this single parent my son’s okay the jobs going great what could go wrong well things went wrong January 2017 our station was sold we got a new owner we got a new male boss and everything changed I.

Started to speak up you can imagine what happened next March 12th of this year I was fired with this company for 20 years and I was fired a loyal employee for 20 years and I.

Was fired I was devastated I was heartbroken and I.

Went into mourning it was the death of my career I was paralyzed I sat in bed for days my father passed away five years ago and I heard him say to me flora you’re not the first person to.

Get fired from a job you’re not going to be the last person to get fired from a job so get up get moving and do something about it and so I did the first thing I did was to file a complaint against my employer with the Pennsylvania Human Relations Commission while I cannot get into details of this case for legal reasons if you really want to know.

Name you’ll read all about it newspapers in Philadelphia Harrisburg and Pittsburgh did stories I can’t get into details but I can tell you one thing I’m not just fighting this fight for me I’m fighting this fight for all of the women out.

There who live in fear I’m fighting.

This fight for the women who were afraid to speak up and I’m fighting this fight for the women who are afraid to speak up because they fear retaliation I will not give up this fight for me and for all of you so I filed the complaint and then I had to do something I never did before I had to file.

For unemployment unemployment I’ve been working since I was 14 figured it out then.

I had to get health insurance figured it out and now here came the big the biggie I had to get a job this was a.

Daunting task because I’ve only had two jobs my entire life I worked in.

My uncle’s pizza shop and then I got into broadcasting I didn’t know how to do anything else but I decided that I was going to sell myself and convince.

Somebody to hire me because they needed me so I made a list of everybody I knew and everybody I wanted to know I got this this.


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