Good evening to our viewers here in Vienna and online I’m Travis chase with the Thursday November eighth edition of the hgp nightly news here’s what you need to know this evening government will continue to explore the possibility of bringing gas to shore as twenty20 looms more in this report from handle Duncan as the data first oil draws closer.

Preparations are continuing the Department of Energy is conducting a gossiper feasibility analysis this is according to dr.

mark minor head of the Department of Energy to.

Not only determine where the gas pipelines should be landed but also to place within the context of a much broader industrial park as well as pursuing a strategic framework for the evolution of our country’s development dr. Biden in his first press engagement on Thursday related that government is working closely with Exxon Mobil.

On a subject what we have to force a couple of things for example the discussions surrounding the subsurface we need to have a better understanding in terms of volumes also we have to have a better understanding in terms of future planning for any landing of said pipeline because as I said it’s not just the case of bringing to shore.
Gas it also extends to contingency planning to.

Get the gas to shore along with the necessary supporting infrastructure that has to be in place moving forward we also aware that excellent is currently about executors a lidar study for the entire region for which I think would be most beneficial to us in making an informed decision going forward dr. bino says whatever decision is taken respective to the sector must be evidence-based we cannot make decisions.
Based on whims and fancies it has to be grounded in fact.

It has to be grounded in theater it has to be grounded in proper information Hanna Lankan hgp nightly news Thank You handle president David Granger is resting comfortably at an official residence in Cuba following an intensive series of medical tests by specialists doctors immediately after he arrived in Cuba and Tuesday October 30 2018 the Ministry of the presidency said in a statement on Wednesday the Ministry of the presidency added that clinical analysis are still incomplete and it is expected that the Ghana.

Embassy in Havana will issue a statement when enough evidence is available the head of state has responded satisfactorily to medical interventions over the past week and he is recovering well the statement added the statement added at president Grainger wishes to assure all citizens but he is receiving the best possible medical advice and attention and wishes to thank.

Deities for their expression of concern he is due to return together on November 11 affairs that several senior personnel at City Hall had been mismanaging departments of the Georgia municipality now clockwork sinking was identified among them but he has denied that allegation mr. Kane told the Commission last Friday that the allegations which were made by a counselor have no merit in his submission to this constant Dennis Commission of Inquiry he named three four persons as being guilty of mismanaging the affairs of the city.

The Finance Committee chairman he claims the mayor he claims yourself Tom Clark and the city treasurer in your estimation does this claim has any merit the Commission’s call social and management singled out several claims which were made against mr. King among them kitty market with which the town clerk said he was satisfied with.

The work and pace of the two-year reconstruction project mr.

Cooperman in his documentation to us.

What of me his compliance and he claimed he made these compliance meetings of the concern of the poor quality of lumber procured from the conducting of that project are you aware of that mr. king told the commission that he was unable to provide information concerning the u. forty-one thousand dollars which is donated by the United States government to the City Council for repairs to the stock market clock reporting.

For hgp nightly news I am Janice Abrams be honest a new traffic chief and not a call for order on the country’s rules is Javon Vickery with more it’s a bleak situation on the country’s roadways and the reluctance of motorists to observe the rules and regulations compounds the problem some traffic offenses including reckless driving which results in death attract no more than five-year custodial sentence at the level of.

The magistrate’s court other offenses like DUI and speeding usually attract a fine or a noncustodial penalty the traffic chief told nightly news that for this year the traffic department recorded seventy one.

Thousand and eighty eight cases as of Monday last and while all hope is not lost there is no good reason to celebrate what’s happening on the country’s roads we have to continue.

Playing our part each and every.

One of us as have a part to play right in making our roads safer we all use the rules and if we play our part I think we will have a vast reduction in accidents in the whole because we know that each and every day you can find portions.

Using the road in the incorrect manner we know you can find drivers who use the road in a manner which.

Is not safe for other road users another trend.

Observed by the traffic department is unrecognizable registration plates more than 100 vehicles have already been pulled in for this practice it’s an offence says the traffic.

Clearly states that you know what.

There is a certain size right and each number plates should be visible it should be white against black bokram five-eighths of inch high in width right and portions have been a viƱales.

Fancy design on the number plate we have recently launched an exercise against these errant owners and drivers of this vehicle.

And several vehicles has been lodged examine and owners and drivers were made to replace those number plates for the remainder of this week drivers will be pulled into the traffic department and cautioned about their unrecognizable number plates by next Monday firmer actions will be taken what we will be doing wait for it for the remaining of this week we will be carrying out that exercise what we’ve been doing is sensitize in these owners and drivers because come next week we’ll be prosecuting them so I think you would have seen in the media only yesterday.


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