The years were 2003 to 2005 I used to own a record store and you believe that started a record store when I was 23 years old saved up just chump change anywhere I could find it and worked a full-time job while having the store and it became a total financial nightmare for me it’s just at the time vinyl.

The interest in vinyl records was very small and it and it didn’t have the you know economic drive force that we.

Have behind vinyl today this whole machine you know record store day all this kind of stuff was just just at the very beginning and it certainly wasn’t paying off for me at that time but anyway I opened up this record store here’s.

A couple little you know clips of me I got some press back in the day called up some newspapers and whatever and look at that face oh my god someone tell this guy to age a little better.

Ha ha babyface McGee but anyway I have some stories from those days man record collecting stories but people that would come in off the.

Street ah but I got just two real quick ones today and I had a guy that came in we.

Used to call we coined the term we called the sky coke lips why we call him coke lifts well he used to come in looking for striper records 80s metal 80s rock 80s metal hair.

Shit like that but he was fixated on striper records and you know and he would never pay one $5 he only just would come in like once every three or four weeks or something like that and he’d have a $5 bill where.

The striper records but as the sky will.

Talk to you he would just he would grow these uh spit balls all around his mouth and he wouldn’t clear him out you know he would just sit there and talk and talk and.

Guys name is there’s a guy on TV that that you know where his big glasses and he’s got a real monotone style of talk and he’s got that.
Trucker hat I forget the guys name maybe I’ll put it here I’ll find.

Guys name this guy in my store was that guy in Kearney he wore a little it wore a little.

Train conductor hat with big glasses and was just.

Like going astray Brooke what he talk here yeah it’s awful you put these fucking balls of like my buddy came in one day and was like I.

Couldn’t believe this guy he was like a total fucking you know comic-book character and we were like that guy’s that like pedo we call him Co class anyway it was funny it was least it was funny to me so we to this day we were just like y’all fucking coke lips remember II am ah on the on the flip side of that one morning I was opening up my shop bright.

And early on a really hot summer day and I saw this guy coming down the road and I just just flipped open the.

Open sign and put the window open and I’m looking and I.

See this guy coming down the street there’s no one on the street right now just this one guy and a baby carriage and I’m like now to give you to give you an idea of this guy super tall string bean type of guy muscular butt string.

Beanie cutoff shorts like Daisy Duke shorts you know that you’d see like a fucking dude in the 80s or 70s wearing but like you know like you can see.

The pockets underneath just cutoff jeans big shit-kicking boots you know big you know you know tan colors shit-kicking boots with the tongues hanging out no laces on them and.

Just you know just a regular old t-shirt on top and he’s pushing a baby carriage in here like we’re gonna build.

Oh like the fuck is this guy do I’m getting closer and closer and I’m like what oh fuck he’s got records he’s got records in the baby carriage so I’m thinking.

Shit man what a you know should I just shut the window and close the door and lock it you know but I let him come in he had a baby carriage filled with 78 rpm records 78 rpm records so when you’re a 23 year old kid you just opened up your own record store 78 rpm records you know maybe if you’re in the south and there was a chance to having you know.

Old blues or old rural string band music Don this is this is not what you want he comes in he’s like he’s got that off.

He’s got that drug boy need everything real shaking talking right he’s you know he’s he’s he’s digging out cuz he.
He needs drug he basically said he didn’t.

Say drug money buddy he’s just like he’s like I’m gonna get these records off fluid man how come it’s you give me give me how much give me man and I was like aw dude I don’t buy seven you what do you mean no it’s just ready to winning you buy records.

I put them on fucking gear drum oh all right all right I’m like I just gotta get this guy off my back and I was like whoa I mean what do you want for him I don’t you know they’re hard to sell we can fucking 5.

10 bucks oh my – your skin pack of smokes Manson fucking pack of smokes no I’m just like all right this I don’t even care I just want to get this guy fucking ten dollar bill and.

Get him the fuck off my property I turn my back and I’m walking to the register to give this to open it up and give this guy you know a ten spot and I I just hear this fucking huge.

Scratch just just this huge crash and I didn’t even turn around cuz I knew exactly what he did I knew exactly what he did I just was like I don’t even fucking care I just walked up God ten dollar bill turned around saw what he did and handed him a ten dollar bill oh thank you so much man thank you so much and.

He went on his way the guy took his carriage full of 78rpm records so a stack a good stack lets you know I’ll say like a.

Hundred something records in a big.

Pile on a stack and he fucking dumped him dude he fucking dumped him just fucking haul them right out on the fucking floor and anybody that knows has handled a 78 rpm record they’re like potato chips who’s just fucking burst if you look at him wrong you know what I mean the guy just dumped the whole fucking stack and there’s just there’s just the you know there on the.

Floor there’s their broken shattered all over the floor he doesn’t even notice he doesn’t even care the guy so.

Jones and you get I I mean so yeah there you go there’s a you know this is the record store story this this shit is stranger than fiction you know God.

Comes in with a baby carriage full seventy-eights just fucking pile drives and right under the floor just huge mess took me 15 minutes to clean.

The fuck anyway hope you enjoyed that and also it’s a little bit dark on the dark side but coke lips is funny I think anyway but uh catch on the flipside take care y’all.


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