Oh this is how things went down today in the state of Tamil Nadu even as the controversy continues to shadow Tamil superstar hwijae’s political thriller Sarkar there is interim relief for the director of the film AR Murugadoss the Madras High Court has granted protection from the arrest to circle director till the 27th of November Murugadoss had filed an.

Anticipatory bail plea after Tamil Nadu police had visited the filmmakers Chennai.

House late last night and apparently kept on banging at his door the production house of the film claims that the police tried to arrest the.

Night they also claimed that the cast and crew is being targeted even after the government’s demand being met mind you the protests that are taking place across the state of Tamil Nadu against this film Sircar is not a fringe group.

These are not random elements fringe elements who are protesting the film possibly one can remember Padma whatever and what was given to the fringe elements this time around this is the state of Tamil Nadu government the AI DMK incumbent government which was.

Taken to the streets vandalizing theaters even though the film has been cleared by the censor board I want to immediately bring in my.

Joining us live with the very latest updates coming in on the story row Priya it’s up to you when you get us up to speed with the very latest that is getting and even as we speak there are sporadic incidents of violence being.

Reported across the state of Tamil Nadu by the government cada AI Dee and que cada well yes pretty ruling party that has indulged in this kind of violent act by attacking theatres tearing down.

Posters of the movie they have vehemently opposed the movie on three counts one is the fact that the movie has allegedly criticized the a freebee culture and the second one is the reference to the earlier name of former Chief Minister J Jayalalithaa which is referred as Kamala Valley in this particular movie and the latest information that we are getting is that the tamil nadu information minister Khar abou Raju has.

Confirmed to India today that the matter is now resolved and the a identic order will not indulge in any protests are.

Primarily because the movie has been a real you know give us the political this all just give.

Us a political angle to this all there is also controversy because possibly the producer is connected to the DMK well yes.

Definitely that is also one of the reason why the AI DMK wants to take up this issue because the AIT MCA wants to show to the people that it does have a vibrant Carter Carter who exposes its causes and remember Vijay is not an ordinary actor he does have large fan following and.

We also nurses a political ambitions that also commonly becomes the.

Reason why the a IBM k is attacking other theaters and we are very upset with the movie but what we must.

Understand is that when BJP opposed actor.

Vijay smurfin yeah in last year it only ended up yes alright we seem to have lost look Priya there but what look for us trying to indicate is that this has happened before this happened when the BJP opposed the film er sell they’re going to give you you know a brief on the comparisons between what is playing out right now.

The AI D and K Ouisa we mer cell with the Bharatiya janta party but having said that let’s get you the story buckling.

Under political pressure and the producers of the film’s Sarkar decided to make for controversial cuts to the film this is after the film was cleared by the censor both these are voluntary cuts this after the film.

Upset their incumbent EPS or PS government triggering protests across the state police.

Complains and acts of vandalism have been recorded through.

The day take a look at this report the apparent criticism of the Tamil Nadu government and alleged digs at Lee Jay Loretta and the film haven’t gone down well with the ruling a AIADMK a fuming a AIADMK circa lashed out at the superstar circle pledging legal.

Action for defaming jaya under a portal a Paris Oracle petit the film strongly criticizes the government’s policies and schemes this will instigate the people to indulge in violence forcing the producers of circa to buckle under political pressure the makers have agreed to delete.

Controversial scenes which show the mixer grinders are being distributed as freebies from the film the climb down by.

Producers came after the a AIADMK workers vandalized a theater in Coimbatore and tore up large posters outside a.

Cinema hall in Chennai a police complaint was filed against film’s director AR.

Murugadoss accusing him of targeting the tamil nadu government circle doe has been received well by the audience in the state we’re seeing that the political fraternity has not taken the movie lightly a lot of the a AIADMK cadiz and senior members have been protesting against the.

Movie and even have been threatening the makers of the film with dire consequence already a police complaint has been filed against AR Murugadoss stating that he has to.

Be booked under charges of terrorism for instilling violence and acting against the interest of the state government commits the face/off actors in Sircar head back at the epa circa when government is totally corrupt and they had been trained by a law like that for the past 20-30 years the public life.

The corruption in public life it is it was because of general Tamil Nadu lamented nataas to have jumped into the Rao as many as four movies starring superstar.

Vijay have had run-ins with the current a AIADMK government the list includes blockbuster topic II and 2017 super hit Merson any criticism any small criticism or allegation levelled against them or their policies hits them hard the climb down by producers further reiterates the fact that our politicians are not bound by law and even a clearance from censor board can’t ensure creative freedom.

With action and loka Priya in Chennai Bureau report India today so the film Sircar was cleared by the censor board the AI DMK protested said the film would not be allowed to release and for voluntary cuts were made.

Even despite those for voluntary cuts by the producers protests raged on in the state of Tamil Nadu but mind you this.

Is not the first time that film producers have bowed down to political compulsions let’s just take you back in the state of Tamil Nadu an eerie reminder where the BJP protest in the film were sell mine you have the same actor which I eat it and what played out there what are the similarities that the AI DMK is actually facing with Sarkar that the BJP burnt its hands on with myrrh cell number one it put the spotlight on the film and peaked we are interest or one of us who didn’t want to see.

The film actually went to see what the big deal was Merce L went on to become a 250 crore blockbuster hit mind you.
It started off slow we our interest was.

Piqued the political controversy put a spotlight on it and it went on to garner 250 crores making it the third tamil film to ever do so deleted scenes on BJP insistence went viral mind you jog back your memory Marcel had those scenes about the GST where the BJP government had introduced those scenes were deleted they went viral.

Online similarly even with this particular film Sircar the for deleted scenes are already going viral online there means being created around them people wanting to know what was the big deal about those scenes so hasn’t be trippy’s objections which had backfired with the film Marcel the same thing happening.

With the film Sarkar right now a IDM case entire political controversy over the film could possibly.

Backfire the film is doing exceedingly well it was in fact panned by the critics but the controversy has led and given a big impetus to the film and on the other hand made further fueled the popularity of actor widget Marcel made an extremely popular as an.

Actor who challenges status Co and now Sarkar only adding to that image that popularity I want to bring in at this point of time actor kasturi’s joining us from the Chennai studio and Kasturi how do you read all of this putting the political spotlight on a film that we do a comparison.

With Marcel similar very similar with what is happening with Sarkar it’s almost a replay of last year last year of Myrtle was the Diwali release here for Vijay and this year it’s Sircar there was there were no bones being made about it wasn’t a secret that Sircar was going to be a politically charged film it’s an out-and-out political movie people knew that I guess till the movie released the areum K powers-that-be didn’t have an idea of how much criticism the movie targeted.

Towards what they perceive as their own government and you know the Tamil Nadu government right now I think it’s a big deal for them for three reasons number one Vijay Vijay is not an upcoming actor he is the top star in Tamil Nadu so whatever movie that has Vijay criticizing the mmm-hmm current government that’s a big deal.

So it is I I understand how the ruling party would consider that you know you asked the producers Kasturi hold on to that thought will ask a producers to play those graphics again of the comparison between Marcel and Sarkar because.

That is what it’s coming down to both had which way in it yes the story country yeah okay are you doing that can yeah so yeah so it’s Vijay.

I think the first point is Vijay he’s a top star and when he mouths his criticisms when his movie carries criticism of a government that can be perceived as the current government that’s a problem for the current government number one number two the filmmakers the filmmakers.

Are some pictures I mean that’s clearly a DMK connection there so anything that is part of the movie is going to be definitely considered premeditated criticism on the current government I actually think it was planned I think it’s not all accidental.

I think some pictures definitely has a strategy in getting a top star to launch a critical vehicle of the current government I do think that is bland and that is in their rights they.

Are completely in their rights to use propaganda as they wish violence is not.
The way to deal with that number.

Two and number three the third biggest reason seems to be Kamala Valley I think that was uncalled for there are ten thousand ten million names in India but they had to settle for Kamala.

Valley that’s a very thinly veiled reference to miss Jaya if that had not been there the movie could have been passed off as any other political okay but.

How similar you know these two situations rather Bharatiya janta party faced it with when they opposed more cell burned their hands on.

It it was a huge fiasco because the film went on to be a blockbuster is a similar line going to storyboard going to play when the film Sarkar the questions we are putting forth on to the point this evening number one no.

It seemed by the AI DMK over BJP is Marcel Fiasco the second question we are asking our political objections bigger than the sensor bought certificate because the sense of God cleared Sarkar then for voluntary cuts were made again by the producers that brings us to the final question.

Will politicians decide what people will watch let me quickly take you across to our guests we have sweetheart Phil a he’s a film critic I have mu lead her on civil Lingam he’s an AI.

Supporter I have seen Rajasekhar an advocate and founder voice of Tamil Nadu and we just had cursory who’s an actor giving us the perspective on which way the kind of protest that we are seeing will have an impact on the film but morally the unsavory longer and the question I’d like to ask you is wouldn’t you reckon this will backfire you saw it in the case of mare cell when the BJP wanted certain scenes.

To be cut they went viral online the film which wasn’t supposedly apparently going to do so well went on to collect a whopping 250 crores at the box office would this not backfire what.

Do you mean by backfire I really don’t understand attention you put the spotlight right on it people who don’t want to watch it will possibly want to go and see what the big deal is about see free tea what you need you buy this is the disconnected to Delhi and.

Chennai you know you still don’t understand us you know this bullet this this movie started with a Cointreau see that is when the.

Murugadoss the director went and stole a script from another person you know it’s a stolen very second graded script and he was not expecting it to be a hit and when they finished the movie they realized they.

Need some masala because this mu is not going to fly so whom do we take a dig at last time we did it with the BJP also this time let’s do it with a DMK so that was the plot and not at all not too much there was a huge hit because you said they planned the film this you directly fallen for it wait wait let me explain you’re letting me.

Explain I need to explain right so you know when they decide to take I mean when they decide to do this you know but you know a subtle criticism of the government of our policies I don’t think anybody would have got angry anybody would have taken to the street but what taxes.

Are a few things you know what Kasturi said this one is definitely taking the erstwhile you know Chief Minister’s name Kamala Valley who’s a dead person.

Now that’s not the right thing to do and she’s a legend herself you.

Know like you know this you can’t do that – yeah and it is from the same fraternity you know.

Don’t forget that these are all movie guys and they should have mutual respect which they don’t have you know that’s.

What happened next the freebies you know we’re talking about grinders mixes and cycles for girls only poor people who have enjoyed that have you seen a person who receives a free mixer and a grind have you seen the smile in those faces the poor people you know who don’t have we know three times meal you know this this is something great this lady has invented and that was her Karishma she and you know they decide to take can we do this to mr. Pillai but the fact is this film was cleared by the censor board.

There’s something called the rule of law there is also something called having the thick skin if you’re in politics you should be open to criticism.

Even if it comes wire that diameters of cinema sridhar Pillai as a film critic does this parallel you know we had the Supreme Court verdict on Sabarimala Angelica two people are still descending the film actually deserve the kind of attention.

Because I’m sure you watch the film does it deserve the kind of attention it’s actually garnering and do.

You think the AI DMK might want the people not to see the film but it’s possibly going to backfire it will peak we are interest no I personally feel that they you know that there’s a lot of things to be changed in the censors certification and the censor board itself that it should be a I mean India is different states put together and each state has its own problem so as I see it film should be given.

Film regional film should be given certification only in Chennai and this.

Will help because then the local sentiments and all these things can be seen before the release of the Philip and well there was rumors before at the time of Sir car audio launch itself there were rumors that this film contains a lot of political attack against.

Ruling party and the big they could have just at the time of sensor itself they could have another mentioned into the sense office that we would like to.

See this film there have been cases like that previously also that you know that people have seen watched a film before I mean various other boards and then said no we object to certain scenes in this or we don’t want it to be given as sort of thing.


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