She’ll empty again I say al-salam t-turn estulin Namastey rah Namastey room hotel greetings vigilic men virtuous ladies and learning students my names are dr. Richard Yates thank you for watching Bible Quiz I am the host of Bible Quiz and I’m full couraging you to get your Bibles get writing materials we talking pencil pen paper whatever you’re most comfortable.

With and write down some of these questions or all the questions that we’re going to be asking this day on Bible Quiz on this television station thank you for joining us most of.

All I like to say for the little ones in the room you can participate in this.

Bible Quiz by calling the telephone numbers you see on the screen to answer the questions that will be.

Asked here and Bible Quiz on this day as I get prepared for you to learn of the questions on this day please get on the telephone and call folks and tell them to watch this TV station and be part of the Bible quiz question on this day the first question for the day is in what city was Christ known as Jesus.

Was born in what city Christ the Messiah known as Jesus was born in what city the second question is how many books are in the New Testament how many books are mentioned in the New Testament the third question is.

What type of insect did John the Baptizer the one who baptized Christ remember him join the baptizes ate in the desert what type of insect he ate okay we talked about John the Baptizer when he was in the desert he was residing in the desert the other question is who were the first apostles called to follow Emanuel they also called Jesus it’s nice to learn in this program that Christ’s name is also Immanuel.

Immanuel they called Jesus who were the first apostle he called to follow him the emphasis here is on the Apostles can you mention their names the other question is how many people there Jesus fed with five loaves and two fishes how many people they’d Emmanuel they call Jesus fed with.

Five loaves and two fishes those are the questions on this day for now if you can remember or as most people say remember those five questions then you can call and you can answer any of the questions you choose to answer here on Bible Quiz the numbers are written on the screen for you to see for you to call and for you to.

Participate in answering let’s go straight to the telephone and remember a word of.

Advice once you hear the phone is ringing turn down the volume of your television or put it on mute so that we can communicate best let’s go to the phone and Sue’s on the line.

All right to want to answer the question al shal MT thanks for calling where you answer your call okay all right okay let’s go to the phone al shal MT thanks for watching the television.

Program called my book quiz where are you at as you calling listen the question is where are you at as you’re calling.

Now where are you reside and where you at thank you very much east bank tomorrow you’re watching the program for the first time oh I’m happy.
That you’re not watching for the first time so.

The answer to the question which question would you.

Like to answer on this day that’s right gratulations but this is the reason why.


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