Hello everyone we’re very excited because today we’re gonna do one of the only things that were actually good at recreating Instagram actually it’s the only thing we’re gonna truly I believe at this point in time after four episodes and featuring this concept this is our calling in life this is actually before this is the fourth episode so all.

Week long we’ve been doing a ton of.

Kardashian content here so we figured we might as well end this win the bag we’ve been assigned a Kardashian so I feel like I’m channeling my real life a little bit because I’m gonna do Courtney it’s worth moms you both eat gross organic crackers no respect those crackers are so yummy Kroger I’m gonna be Khloe which is the first time I’ve ever even.

Thought about becoming Khloe Kardashian but she’s blonde so I’m kind of excited don’t get us mixed up obviously you guys I’m a six foot tall supermodel call me kendall Jenner we won’t be doing this one I.

Wasn’t great but we couldn’t get a Python in time okay moving on and then I think you can all guess to Nasus I’m obviously Ken you look more like Camden Kim looks like Ken I was like born for this she was so good at it are.

You ready to get transformed into Kim you.

Already look like I’ve been waiting my entire life oh my god you look like you’re a bobsledder oh this doesn’t happen to the Kardashians I’m just thinking like if Brian was.

Just here all the time oh if I have a boyfriend right now look at the back of Louie’s sweater I got it at the Kylie Papa would you hold a real sink I want to say yes but I feel like it would get here.

And then I would quickly change from what do I look like you look like you’re about to go to running yet Ryan Suter right have you guys seen Brian have you seen price now guy.

Do you see Brian Brian it’s a really nice tub okay I guess we could have done that instead of walking around.
The entire house where are you take your.

Time bye there you are Mario we’ve been looking for you make up by Mario what is that.

Gonna be doing today pretty something.

Left I just do like your makeup just for the day what are you gonna think about to channel your inner Kim I’m gonna think about neutral colors I’m also.

Gonna think about offers I’m really into faux fur now is it far faux Oh God came here so.

Stupid so Kylie or this but it was an Alexander Wang.

Offices in Wang great are you really giving me like the chiseled look cuz I want to be really chiseled yeah you’re pretty much the same well I’ve been enlisted.

To help direct and I’m really good at holding we were just talking about that off-camera actually so where do you feel the battery love oh my god are you gonna be able to walk in those marshmallow do you know in.

September right seventy degrees I.

Think I might have to put the.

Camera down and help you get it yeah those look so uncomfortable Oh got a minute it’s times like this that I’m like do you think Kim.

Gets dressed by herself does someone help her I.

Bet Kendall even brush her own hair right there’s no on top I think that way also not just tried to say something you.

Guys Waterloo look how good she looks amazing I’m sweating secret nook I would ask if she’s smiling but like the answers obviously no but to be accentuated look over.

Here now like hey there’ll be a ferocity to say right here hello I love you I love you and a little more life cause you’re gonna be such a good stage mom we.

Need to see more as you know did you just cut.

Is the closest to a customer at $8 $9 hi that’s good yeah that’s good there’s so much talking she’s literally taking a step you’ve been at it for 10 minutes and all she’s done is put her foot on this step it’s not mood and it’s a bug this is the only thing we’re good at on this YouTube channel is recreating celebrity Instagram pride in our crab do we have some sort of contraption we could tie now to the ceiling why just like some sort of marionette oh that’s really.

Good and we lost her that’s pretty good now as you were so smoking first off you are the same you literally look just like him her – yeah I.

Wish I mean you couldn’t have picked a better dude the jacket could be a little poopy er which is hard to believe because of how our movies but I feel like all together the whole outfit is.

Pretty spot-on just got a Photoshop in that range river and nissan sentra to the right so what is over there is that occasion ager next we need.

Are you ready for your photo shoot you didn’t have to get that much different stuff done are you gonna be okay yeah what’s happening you look like glue luckily when it kids starts growing his beard for the first.

Time you know how did we get here I thought you were just like.

Doing it for fun we’re doing glam you know perfect do you think that the Kardashians have a fashion Nova tags just like all over the rally honestly they probably do enjoy you’re just like glowing.

I’m gonna be doing a lot of photo shopping.

For this one in some of the past episodes if I photoshopped the background that was never like a rule that you couldn’t.

Do that I mean that’s your signature style some people recreate and they fail and that’s okay that’s their style we don’t like to fail we like to make it as accurate as possible and if it means using the exact same background that means photoshopping dad’s picture.

It in real life called art are you ready okay seems like what Courtney would say.

Yeah hey how’s the hair do we need a little ears perfect honestly the hair is the least of my concerns right now considering ridiculous or vital in Tibet and it’s not features in the photo I my mom’s eyes how does she do this pose no I see so yeah you know how it doesn’t exist this one’s like.

Right here early on so it’s like that’s that’s it that’s it that’s it okay the robe yes let me fix it thank you I am sorry sure that is just sitting just like hold.

Your pose I’m so anxious it looks you know really good I don’t you lift your little lazy hands yeah it’s like this oh I’m sorry I’m sorry here we need to take the picture yeah yeah your eyes are a little squinty yes I’m so bright you know imagine the sun shining in your eyes in this dark bedroom.

Yeah well I don’t know squint take a big deep breath and let it out yeah I.

Feel completely useless I’m just doing a meditative breathing exercise Shinae deep breath and hi I can’t do the girls tensor Courtney hi pretty good work just imagine who fit this background is going to be like Oh like.

Knee placement and now she doesn’t really I can’t help science you know.

It’s amazing you guys make a job do you feeling a little fur coat throw on with my cuz I feel like this is probably what Kendall with you she has on her sisters – these aren’t my Kylie Adina’s a nice fox fur jacket you know faux fur and then an Amazon swan so now all I needed the dog if someone bringing me a dog the dog is about.

To arrive you know you’re having and you have a dog in route oh it’s running out of my huge backyard hi moose are you ready could he be any freaking cuter miss look.

At who’s here you might not be able to see her oh there you are the.

Camo really threw me for a loop god I’m such a bad dad joke Lily I have a question have you seen the.

Instagram photo of Kendall what kind of dog is that I don’t I wanted to say Dobler Doberman Doberman what did you just say Tobler I need you being in your best Kendall mindset I’m getting very distracted by the complete.

And utter cuteness not Joe hey I know with the bandanna and everything right so what’s my pose it’s very relaxed oh I need my towel Amazon special right and like it’s basically done not even it’s a chemical know.

What I represent the same it’s.

Exactly the same yeah thank you Joe movin over the package Austin.

Doesn’t know what the term exactly means okay I’m a lady out okay your mindset here is.

Just your legs need to be as long as humanly possible.

It’s too much like in a good mental space is he been preparing all day we had a discussion last night okay yeah please we need.

You on your best behavior onset otherwise we’ll be invited back Hey.

So we took some test shots so then like if moose is we don’t want him to come in and tell we’re ready I feel like that’s pretty accurate I mean he needs to be longer so that.

Feel like kind of the right angle I need to be even higher up quick bow tie close look at him quite it’s perfect have you been rehearsing your crazy stage mom because she’s so well-behaved I cannot even believe this put up a little more actually no this is perfect Jocelyn needs help and I’m like like without butter.

Shopping yeah this is insane this is no good do we got the exact same chair and chair but they weren’t exactly it’s a list it’s elusive even losing their different color oh yeah see the Beverly whoo yeah yeah they say don’t work with my babies are animal but he’s maybe an animal maybe it’s easier to work with than any of these other people they’re called fresh made.

In China what’s different they look really close yeah close to pay less oh they’re cool wait wait what’s different like the color texture the scent they do smell like a Payless I just decided to come upstairs and see what’s going on and as I walked in girls like oh that’s a nice wig I mean it’s definitely a wick no one.

Here has this hair color this is human hair or is it synthetic okay no this is synthetic I think gonna burn off will we try it okay well we’re about to find out if it’s gonna catch on fire wait should we do it not on my hips I don’t catch on fire well we’ll pull it off.

We’ll snatch the way it’s definitely not the worst thing I’ve ever seen now the clever shoe no seriously have you seen some of the wigs I’ve worn on this channel Oh something’s burning honestly my troubles with that Brian always.

Brian you’re the boy who cried wolf that’s the brain we all know I saw this on fire my red ear on fire and then my body on fire and I saw me.

Going into heaven oh that’s fun I didn’t like it Joe what do you think of our Chloe transformation over here do you recognize me she’s not as impressed it’s from something oh you know maybe it’s like giving me the tailor so vibes or something to take you Oh actually Brian do you remember my.

Taylor Swift wig that you made me getting my leg well let’s see where things go I’m back just in time oh my gosh good do they I’m a little good as word ideas your lips oh they have quadrupled in size cuz Brian’s been coloring them yeah I went downstairs and the PAP on I didn’t see me and she like randomly caught me and she’s looking terrified her she’s never working with us again I.

Just have to say I don’t think I was made to be a Khloe Kardashian I look maybe 50 years old I look like I’m getting ready to retire from being a hairdresser in Milwaukee I’ve raised three children they’ve drove.

Me crazy and the thing that I look forward to most in life is getting my hair good oh my gosh I don’t know is it the Spanx one yeah is it this one from fashion fashion nothing about it no okay well here we go Clark Kardashian coming at you with this sucker I don’t know there’s just way too much happening they make you never hungry they taste.

Amazing like first might even candy in you that’s actually very good and then you just need to point this to a little Ford yep that’s good and then you lean forward the arch the back.

Look sir close a little more she ties with the chin this is great she definitely wasn’t comfortable either yeah no this is actually there’s actually killing it.

Killing the game lips closed love the lips don’t you dare smile.

I do that sneak at Lincoln up on us this is great I think.

I mean we have lots of options that was so uncomfortable I know it’s really good I think they must have like hazing coaches that are like I know this is gonna sound wrong but you’re gonna put your foot this direction even though it doesn’t Bend that way I’m a Moodle or Moodle am I the only one left I’m becoming Kylie yeah Bridget did you bring the Python oh shoot okay guys I’m being.

A transformed into Kylie even though I kind of just looks like a ballet dancer just putting my hair in a little bun we were gonna do extensions but you.

Can’t see the extensions in pictures so it seems like why bother wait I am curious though what Bridget got outfit wise because it kind of looks like she’s wearing a straitjacket in the photo and if it is I want it I just came down transformed and everyone was social but up James said that I have a nice shaped head yeah you got a nice no look at that okay down like that.

What can you know at least now we know.


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