What’s up guys in today’s video I’m going to show you one super super weird but really really simple trick to start getting an insane amount of views on your Instagram stories let’s go already daddy nowadays just no control even winning so guys this method that I’m going to be showing you today on how to actually start getting more.

Views to your Instagram stories I’m gonna give you a disclaimer I did not create this method I saw it somewhere else but it has worked insanely well for me and I’ve made a few tweaks to it that is that a lot of to work even better for me so I’m gonna jump onto my.

Phone now I’m gonna show you guys a video just a little voiceover me walking you through how to do it so let’s jump into my phone alright guys so I’m gonna show you a super super simple trick to boost your engagement and your organic reach on Instagram so let’s say you’ve already picked a photo that’s your guy this is specifically for Instagram stories and so you’ve already.

Picked your photo that you’re going to post your.

Story you go to memo or wherever you guys write notes on your phone and.

You go to let me go back to the start so you would find your hashtags right boom you just select the hashtags that you want.

Now what you want to do is you don’t.

Want to get these little spaces that’s more for actual post you just want strictly the hashtags you copy.

Them to your clipboard and again guys I’m sure there are some people that know this trick isn’t really like a secret trick it’s just something you can add to your arsenal if you will so you go back here to Instagram.

Alright so again so you’ve already got your photo that you’ve picked you come here you switch this thing here so you come and make sure this is all the way down take this.

To the smallest size because you’re gonna be copying a lot of text you hold paste you got all your hashtags there okay now obviously you don’t want to upload a photo with all these hashtags because it just looks like shit so you all you have to do is shrink that’s it it’s all you got to do shrink it all.

Right and then just fucking blend it in with your photo like I’m if you put it honestly even here nobody would notice looks.

Like the fucking water if I put it right there I mean you really have to fucking squint but anyways you can put it.

Anywhere like barely anybody who knows oh shit he’s shrinking he’s shrinking hashtags what the fuck nobody’s gonna let shit look now you can’t even see it so I can just upload it right here and this would boost your organic reach because your story would start getting viewed for these hashtags and if.

You do this consistently you’re gonna.

See an increase in your again you.

Reach your engagement your followers as well so this is just one of many many tricks you can use to boost your just boost your Instagram in general so I hope that helped.

Guys cool so guys there you have it those are my tricks to start getting more views on your Instagram stories right away so.

Start implementing those tips and you will start seeing the results in your organic Instagram growth at your overall reach.

It’s gonna make a huge difference for you in your Instagram journey if you will so that’s all.


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