Nom nom nom nom nom nom nom nom nom hello mob a bitches this episode episode 8 of weird web web is not sponsored by signature farms turkey pepperoni it’s not let me tell you something children it’s delicious delicious and you know I love about this since I’ve been doing this keto thing I’ve been looking for stuff that every.

Sugar or carbs in it turkey pepperoni has.

No sugar according to this it has no carbs perfect snack food perfect snack food if you’re doing the keto diet turkey pepperoni and it has 8 grams of protein per serving that’s the shit right there children tested what’s not shit but that’s the good stuff turkey pepperoni got too excited I put it right in front.

Of the fan it blew off in a how on this episode of work on this episode of weird wide web I’ll be taking a look at this site here what does this site here you ask this is Daniel wins incite and it actually has a cluded address an onion address and an ITP address I will put the clear net address in the description of this video I will also do a.
Search for Daniel when his name on Google and put.

That in the description of the video and I will put a link to the search for the address the onion address at Google search for it.

In the description of video that’s a lot of stuff in the description the video okay so what makes this site weird well it’s on the clear net but it lists a whole lot of.

Good stuff um they have a chat place here I don’t I don’t really use chat and most most web sites because I find it utterly toxic it’s kind of like the game I’m playing right now I my tablet over here rise of civilizations global chat is like a sewer yeah I don’t really like it it’s 12 year olds and pedo bears or some shit I.

Don’t know just stupid shit be inside there yeah we won’t even talk about that rise of civilizations pretty funny game nevermind so he’s got a lot of things here um he’s got an online test which is really interesting let me let me load.

That up hold on do you feel like you’re in jeopardy the dog does oh she’s going off so then the dog the dog it’s gonna come in here bark now shit oh stop that.

Okay the nice thing here is that you can put an onion address here and test it and it will tell you whether it’s up or down there are a couple of sites I was gonna say learn a lot of sites that do this for for regular.

Web sites is it up or down up or down there’s all.

These up or down sites and you can go to the I’ll even put a Google search for up or down so you can see that there are a lot of these these online test sites which will test the site and tell you if it’s up some will tell you if it’s partially up or is down this is the only one I found that it does the surrounding addresses no other site does this very fascinating that’s what makes it fascinating in of itself this test which I.

Haven’t seen on any other site really that I can remember there might be another site does it I don’t know but then again he has something else that’s really interesting it’s.

A upload section children where you can upload things so technically if you wanted me to see something you could upload it to this site I think you.

Can get it a link to it yeah and you could send it to me and I could see it which is pretty cool so let’s go to that still.

In jeopardy okay by the way if you didn’t know that was me humming badly the jeopardy theme song okay.

So you can upload files videos and images of a maximum of 10 gigabytes total file size you can upload was really cool and slightly dangerous because he has a site that’s on the darknet so just some people on earth I’m surprising him well it.

Says here you’re not supposed to uh let’s see what where does it say that there’s a rule here says you’re not.

Supposed to upload child porn or anything illegal hopefully you wouldn’t do that let’s let’s go over here and look at what’s been uploaded recently did it do you boo boo boo boo ha.

Ha still waiting buffeting buffeting okay so here is the directory please note that uploaded content is user generated and can contain potentially contain pornographic or legal content if you encounter any such please report it so there could be some dangerous content on this page he’s giving you a warning right now I’m gonna say this PDF.
File is in German I’m not going to open it.

Because I don’t speak German you know yeah yeah how about we try this folder here doo doo doo doo doo doo okay.
And okay that’s in German I can’t I know.

It’s German because I know he’s German so yeah that that didn’t do me any good um barrel so.

A lot of stuff you’re gonna find on here.

That’s still still loading a lot of stuff.

You’re gonna find on this site because he speaks German he’s a native German speaker it’s gonna be in German so if you’re a German yeah how you speak German for you all right let’s try.

This one here it’s the same one on Vorbis video file handy or shot rotten something’s rotten Oh leaked SS s SS h SS nono leaked ssh credentials well that sounds like it’s a dangerous place to go let’s go there let’s go down that neighborhood no.

Scraping ssh creds no scrape docks hmm yeah I’m not gonna open that that probably contains personal information to people that you.

To be like a dog senior dog see no no no not interested okay okay well like I said he does have he does have weird weird stuff on here there are videos let’s see if we can find a picture that isn’t a picture of something in German shall we let’s try this one well.

Can say this one thing maybe that’s his son but whatever he’s looking at it’s probably cringy because it’s this kid looks like he’s a little disturbed looks like he’s he’s he’s kind of he’s kind of for it at frightened you know maybe maybe he’s on the dark meds and children shouldn’t be on there by the way shouldn’t you should not go on there just stay away from there but thank God it’s not child porn I next can always always thank.

God for small favors every time I open one of these in I’m hesitant cuz you never know what you’re gonna get life is like a box of chocolates so is this sight all right this.

Looks like it would be video game gifts hmm I don’t see anything on that one that was that was a dead hmm oh that’s that’s interesting kind of hard to make.

Out what it is but yeah I’m looking at this it says Max Payne I know that’s a video game so well just back out of that one arrow all right let’s try another one let’s try another one okay let’s see.

It lets see it see still loading you’re gonna find one thing about sites that are on the darknet and there’s.

A lot of them will load very slow but this sites load loading very slow – it’s this is a regular internet site it’s probably.

Just because of the fact that I’m using a shitty.

Computer that’s let’s see that’s let’s open this one oh it’s the princess evolution yeah I mean if two.

DS get bigger because you know I’m always interested in bigger titties anyway let’s look at let’s look at something else let’s look at something else like this one mm-hmm so girl in the bathing suit okay so injury they don’t know so she’s got something.

Wrong with her arm yeah cutting I can’t see your fingernails but she kind of reminds me of goth chick she had black fingernail polish I would say shine be goth let’s see let’s see let’s see let’s see and it’s taking awhile try number.

Four I think this is the same girl huh same one very attractive woman yeah like those titties children a big fan big titties yeah you’ll get to know that about me as this as the series progresses good thing she wearing clothes I.

Don’t think I have to make this an adult video because she’s got clothes on but now we’ll see someone.

With shitty girls hmm okay that’s not so not mr. robot episode names Oh conspiracy lists who that might be interesting it’s a list of conspiracies children asleep an hour oh I.

Love conspiracies they’re fun okay oh yes this side here is another interesting site text files calm uh hard to talk about that one later but CIC speeches and other public statements.

By political leaders of the Third Reich Holocaust revisionism yeah there are a lot of people say well you know the Holocaust never happened right there’s never.

Any concentration camps and no.

One was ever starved to death or tortured or used in human experiments no one was ever killed in gas chambers or ovens or anything like that no one was ever mass mass executed and put it into the big giant graves they just shot in the head dumped into the graves and then bulldoze dirt over their bodies and buried them in mass graves that never never ever happened besides the.

Fact that you can find the fucking mass.

Graves and the bodies are still in there I think they might found them all by now but despised despite the fact.

That these mass graves have been proven to exist still denied still deny pretty.

Pretty bad pretty bad no lols there IBM provides the mark of the beast okey moving on the proven existence of nine dimensional planes cool the a disease of conspiracy from the Guardian who murdered Africa conspiracy theories about the AIDS virus oh that.

Question that would be a statement and who would be the World Health Organization but why they would do that is beyond me I’m sure that some people would would speculate that aids HIV was some kind of.

Experiment that might have gotten out of hand possibly something that they were going to use a military application you know to infect the.

Enemy to make them sick because it’s something that attacks the immune system and.


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