Hey ladies I hope you’re doing well in this video I’m going to briefly talk about why I think it’s so important the single mothers to have knowledge about political issues which affect them and their children including why they need to do things like vote as well as speak up and speak out against decisions that the government make which.

Badly affects single mothers and their children and to also encourage single mothers to get involved in topics and need their views and opinions let’s begin by talking about the universal credit.

For example which is happening in the UK right now and so many single mothers have been left broke inflation evictions of no income and no idea of when they’ll next have any money IVA now I was listening to LBC yesterday morning with James O’Brien and he was speaking about a nine year old girl whose family has been affected by the Universal Credit and she was actually offering to clean for money now this is beyond bad how can families expected to go as long as up to.

Five weeks without any money and I bet there are so many single mothers who you know in the UK who are being affected by this and they are extremely angry but these single.
Mothers are getting angry at the wrong people.

Like the workers down at the job centre who are simply being told to do their jobs single mothers I urge you to do.

Your research and to take your complaint to the top make yourself be heard and you don’t even have to sound perfect do not allow society stigma of single mothers to make you stay quiet and let’s touch on another few examples of situations which affect.

Single mothers such as housing issues.

Like evictions which is just on the rise right now due to universal credit payments taking too long to come.

Through and the financial cuts that are being made by the government which affect our children like cuts to places such as schools and youth centers and libraries and more now you might complain about your friends.

And other people in society you understand but what we need to do is to stop complaining to and speaking out and voting against the politicians who make up these messed up decisions.

Now I’m going to talk about an extremely real issue that so.

Many single mothers don’t want to talk about and that is about.

Why so many single mothers in the UK do not vote do you know why some of them aren’t even on the electron register why do they not do that because they’re scared what are they scared of there’s a lotta bailiffs and any other unwanted debt collection agencies who find them on that electro register and then turn up on the.

Doorsteps of those runnable single-parent families who are more than likely already struggling and they just stress the life out of them single mothers there are so many debt outlines you can call for advice about your.

Rights of bailiffs they’ll calm you down and you’ve got bailiffs outside your front door and you will.

Given guidelines to follow such as keeping all your windows and doors locked you know and more that can help you handle the situation I’m aware of how.

Terrifying it feels when there’s a bathe outside your home.

Banging on the door but do you know what’s even more terrifying is the fact that there are decisions that are being made about us by politicians who don’t care about us.

Without us and everybody needs to realize that the decisions that are being.

Made affect on everyday lives I want to help single mothers to do so much.

More than to just simply complain and that’s why I’ve decided to add political issues to candy kids and to begin.

A campaign each week I’m going to briefly address a political issue which affects single-parent families and single mothers and I’m going to try to come up with.

Better alternatives again your views and opinions will be greatly appreciated so feel free to DM them into me or to leave a comment under the comment section you know I think it’s really time that we all come together and we discuss and express the issues that matter ok thanks for watching everyone and take care you.


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