Good afternoon and greetings in the precious name of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ God is a good god and it is so good once again to be with you we were ever you are in your living room driving your car whatever you’re doing just take some time out and let us give God some special time for God.

Is good and he’s good all the time we here to lift up the wonderful name of Jesus and we know that he’s the greatest he’s bigger than big hallelujah he is Alpha.

And the Omega he’s they never fail in God the God had answers prayer he says on to us call upon me and I will hear an answer and show the great and mighty things don’t know it’s not and so today what.
Is a life if you’re not well just.

Get on your knees and pray God is going to touch your.

Life just believe hallelujah because we serve a real God we serve a God who lives he’s the same yesterday today and forever all the miracles that you’ve read in the Bible God is still doing to them today and so today we want to encourage your heart however today my friends today is a special program I have some tremendous bredrin from.

Sarina a mighty man of God mighty women of God here in the studio with me I’m going to introduce them in a short while but I want you to give somebody a call and let them know with God all things are possible is on the air praise the Lord and you’re in for a blessing today I also want you to know that we will be opening.
The lines or to take your calls so if you need prayer.

We’re here right now to believe God with you amen for the.

As if to shall agree in the earth as touching anything as we ask god of a father he’s gonna do it in the name of jesus and so today you have helped we here to believe God with you for your miracle and when we ask God to do things he does it so expect a miracle today praise.

The name of the Lord I also want to remind you that we have all the special meetings coming up they start from this evening and go right on to Sunday evening so come out in your numbers bless now I have with me here.

In the studio Reverend visited with us from Suriname being led by one of our tremendous sisters we refer to her as a prophetess because God use her.

In that way God uses people in so many different ways and she would prophesied to you if the Lord leader to do that or maybe you may come down to the church and get a word a special word from the Lord through this woman of God her name is Roxanne Maloney we refer to her as prophetess Roxanne Maloney and we have her here with us and she.

Will be shared with you today also we have pastor Lee he’s also from Suriname and he will be sharing a little today as well and we have sister Patricia and she also let me share with you so today we want you to stay tuned and be blessed now our team for today or the.

Topic that we will be looking at today is the fear of the Lord fear in its general sense because a whole lot of people are.

Afraid of the wrong thing and the wrong stuff then one that we need to fear is God Almighty and we want to focus mainly on two scriptural references today and the first is taken from Matthew chapter 10 verse 28 so Matthew chapter 10 verse 28 the Word of God declares it says fear not them fear not them which kill the body but.


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