What’s going on guys Bobby with consumer time capsule back with another review for you here and today we’re at the capsule to talk to you about some Korean Pringles it’s butter caramel time out sweet Pringles so it’s still the potato crisps that we know and love and you know we love them because when it comes to the ctc.

Or review we’ll talk about Pringles any chance that we get.

And with these being available.

In Korea now I figured it’s worth droppin the ten bucks to check out what’s going on.

Because on eBay right now you can find these ten dollars including shipping all the way here to the United States and do you by my calculation that’s not so bad I like the design you know you get.

The the Pringle crisp getting caramel dumped on them I don’t know why they call it bought or caramel but is he on a stick of butter can you tell might be I don’t know some weird-looking ice.

Cream though I don’t know I’ve never been to Korea these chips are absolutely Hulk smashed by the way I mean whoa whoa whoa whoa whoa this is this yeah they are very caramelized Ryan just take a shot inside this this should be like this should be the like disputed eBay auction how-to video oh boy they smell they smell very very sweet and caramel ii.

Ryan wines take a whiff of these things so in terms of interesting Pringles flavors and i have seen a lot i mean i have over 100 different flavors of Pringle can varieties in my collection this is one.
Both in terms of the package design with hot pink and in terms of.

The flavor choice and I’m not used to eating broken Pringles because usually my Pringles come from down the street but.

Very weird boy when it hits your tongue it’s one of the sweetest things you’ll ever put in your mouth and then when you chew it’s gone it tastes like a regular Pringle it’s like two in one dessert in snack back to back much better than Cola Pringles cuz I think that these actually replaced cold of Pringles so if you guys have watched CTC review number five.
We talked about Korean Pringles.

That were not good at all Cola flavored Pringles which I think we’re a little bit more interesting than this one but also a lot more disgusting I don’t know Ryan what’s going through your head on these so sweet and now.

I’m know I lost it right there was that quick but then there’s a little lingering taste can I get a little bit of aftertaste a little bit of aftertaste and the aftertaste is is more of that like caramel kind of flavor I.

Don’t know why they call it butter or caramel that must be a Korean thing it’s just caramel right I think butter doesn’t taste like butter or anything but yeah a little bit it’s like a um like a toffee kind of flavor coffee yeah like a like a heath without the.

Chocolate or something you know like that kind of flavor or like a peanut brittle you know what’s gotten to the flavor that I’m again out of it but it’s really not bad I wouldn’t say that it’s good but for an for for like a really wild flavor of Pringle I think it actually turned out ok no hmm all right first we’ll get into the gimmick grade got it yeah got a shout out Pringles in Korea for coming.


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