Eggs Benedict from those right we are here in south wind playground in monsoon season there’s no football no formal to speak on apart there’s a couple whole time it’s like playing football I need you guys are doing good there bet doing better than we were different effect EP up sir keep it in there and in the rain it’s.

Very slippery yeah what do you think about this I found this smoothness of a jacket very swish I was I was walking around one try they have like a lot of these different shops where they have like overstock this snack I saw one places.

A crazy sale ten dollars twenty dollars and like how crazy is gonna be I walk inside I see this I got this for 60 bucks but it offense if it’s it’s not bad you know red camouflage blazer I can’t latest i want to know though who would you be hiding from if this was the camera a meeting this is like old school like British redcoats yeah it’s in battle camouflage oaks to position business is nice tailoring you know and modern Japanese design yeah right on oh.

Not so bad and actually feels comfortable like a sweatshirt but anyway let’s get back to this exciting singles normally eggs benedicts is your sunday brunch hangover cure yes how hungover for criminals to think X many pigs would be a good crisp flavor.

I found this in the convenience store so that’s like when you’re like stumbling like three in the morning you’re drunk and like you want to like a snack is like oh this is in preparation for tomorrow’s brunch oh so it’s the pink the pink is what.

What caught your are absolutely when I was passing through it i see like Oh pink Pringles canister what is this and I see the anger like what and I like eggs better give Pringles so i’m very curious but.

Uninitiated describe to us what is eggs benedict so eggs benedicts is my it’s my favorite hangover cure on a.

Sunday it is hollandaise sauce on top of a poached egg on top of bacon on it on a muffin so there are actually no muffin here they’ve removed the muffin and they put the toppings on top of the Pringles so everybody really fancy maybe the authentic way to eat this is to actually put a poached egg hollandaise sauce that is more because then it doesn’t prepare us for the failure of a.

Potato chip that doesn’t taste like a muffin yeah an English muffin now.

A muffin nah it’s not even open no one in England clothes among much muffins then look fitness when the states.

They call them English muffin so actually I Iowa’s always brought up hearing and you could verify this maybe some of our fans can verify this in UK I always thought that British.

People called English muffins nooks and crannies this is whatever but I mean is please whoever’s out there verify that verified it I’ve never because i’m sure a.

Lot of my American can pay treats we will verify that they’ve heard it called nooks and crannies as we were growing up I’m going to send you some episodes of EastEnders the news like a soap opera in the UK with Jason Sam.

It’s not know with that guy telegrams peoples balls Oh Vinny Joe Vinnie Jones that’s where you grow yes I am excited to try these I’m excited will they be authentic enough that is the question let’s open up and see.


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