Good morning and welcome to The Breakfast Club I’m Beth and today is Friday November 9th and no one responded to you no discussion with the audience so figured I’d just talk about some things have been going on and just kind of little up freak flow so yesterday we went to Grandma’s yay and we had dinner which was awesome.
And if you don’t blonde our Instagram account if you want to.

See what yeah cut lahat for dinner you can see that and but I want to talk since it’s the election week I really want to talk about you know what’s been going on after the election you know we had a record turnouts and voting which is amazing considering it’s not a presidential election so I’m really been kind.

Of thrilled by that but I think what’s kind of sad in.

A lot of ways is it’s called about being good losers and you know the there.

these been these flash mobs and you know there’s.

Been speculation that soros has raised you know nine hundred groups to.

Have protests in cities all around the country.

And it’s amazing to me that one individual one folks one person has that much money and that’s all they can spend their time doing like we’ve got major problems in.

This world like people are hungry people don’t have a place to sleep and yet you’re spending your money you’re a.

Lot of money mind you not cheap he pays these people to go and protest on stupid things those stupid things like they have no control over it anyway so why are you protesting like you have no control over this at all be it they do and he pays.

For he dumped more money debate over works campaign because he’s the poster child right and you know why do you spend money on this wouldn’t you rather.

Go and show the world you know I can solve the world’s problems I.

Mean to me that would be more important than like saying I can see I can cause the American you know economy to crash like you know who cares but you.

Know I I just don’t get it this is not the world I grew up in and you know if if a party failed in their mission their goal their statements they’d regroup.

And try again but I’m now seeing the failing groups just mob and protest and hurt people like Willie you’re gonna hurt someone because you lost is it because your parents didn’t spank you as a child is this because you were given a trophy for participation I mean this is what I don’t understand the thing is is that you know I’ve I don’t understand how Millennials are getting this way and considering I’m an older one am I I just AM like.

I fall on the cusp of millennial and Gen X and I tend to fall more in line with the Gen X Gen I jump in the.

Don’t understand where Millennials are coming from anymore it’s is it because I didn’t watch enough TV it’s it because I actually read for as a child instead of like not can someone explain this to me can someone explain the purpose of these protests I mean you’re letting one man one man with a ton of money.

Dictate everything we do why why do we do that do we not have the ability to like.

Take care of ourselves we have to this is I just don’t understand this concept how you know George Soros has all this.

Money why isn’t he doing it for good Bill Gates does I mean he goes out and fascinates half the Africa what one can George Soros do something like that like I you know instead he funds protests mobs like college kids and is it because.

The college kids want more than ramen soup because that’s all I had I mean I’m sorry but go to the cafeteria and get yourself somebody I just might it’s just disheartening to see the world like this it really is and it’s frustrating it’s.

Just to allow people you lose your voice when you allow someone that pays you to provide you with your hierarchical needs of food clothing and.

Shelter to dictate how you’re gonna vote why would you do that why.

Are you giving your vote to that person you’ve given a vote to a non American citizen to allow him to choose what’s best for you why not take some pride in ownership of what’s best for you and.

Vote the way you want and you vote for the people that.

You want that represent you so this is.

To all the kids out there that voted that are 18 to probably 25 that are still in college don’t give up your right to vote Byam by an individual that pays you money if you need money go get a job that’s what Americans do we work for a living we do not just go and stand in protests with masks over our faces and think that’s cool life is not the movies that you grew up watching life.

You work get up you eat you go to work you eat lunch you come home you take care of your family and go to bed that is life in general you have nice Flair and exciting days on Saturday.

And Sunday that is life it is nothing more than school all over again schools supposed to structure your life see you that’s normal I’m sorry to have to tell you that folks but that’s really what this is all about is that they’re.

Overgrown children that don’t understand that they’re giving their valuable rights they have as human beings to vote.

For what they want and they’ve decided to give it to somebody that’s they don’t even know who may not have their best interest and odds are dozens why would you do that folks what I just have to ask anyway that’s my rap and I hope you enjoyed the bartha’s Club this morning please make sure that you if you like this video just scribe down.

On the youtubes if you didn’t like this video then make sure you vote on the polls during the week not real sure what we’re going to.

Talk about next week I’ve best still got a I’ll post out of the link the winner of the scarf for hat that you want in it in all I get no one I don’t think anyone contributed so it looks like well maybe continue on the contest next week until I get some participation votes so anyway you guys have a great weekend and I’ll see you guys later bye you.


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