Hello everyone and welcome back to the weird snack review my name is useless and as always with me is and today we’re trying Pringles sugar cookie flavor what do you think it could be good could be I don’t know salt sweet I know people like it it’s holiday special whoo you can collect points and earn reward for the.

Cookies 180 calories the cookies or chips 150 crib their crisps being back yeah poop smells like a sugar cookie I mean let’s see this is what I can’t determine it smells like a sugar cookie but it looks like a Pringle you get the broken one they smell what it looks like a printer Pringle how you go to favor see what okay what’s.

Your thoughts on the licking original I’ll I’ve done oh yeah I won’t do much at this point it’s like a sugar cookie that you’ve added too much salt to like when you’re doing the mix no it’s like single that they put a little bit of sugar on it well give me that like like I told you it isn’t original thank you it does you get up like.

A snap of the Pringles hold of the sugar cookie flavor you have to do that with a Pringle you have to make the duck face with a Pringle its again Wow but it tastes like a sugar cookie in the beginning I mean I just becomes a regular Pringle um you’re done I don’t generally sugar cookie I made a very small book oh alright so that’s item number one of our staff review we have been we have thought that some of these.

Snacks reviews are a little bit short like those I mean that’s pretty much hey yep tastes like a sugar cookie actually tastes like a Pringle so before we move on to the next one on our scale of ant oh yeah where you put with a flavor and what would I eat it oh yeah uh what is that then it’s like a boy puller it’s a bipolar item don’t know what it really is up now so see for me it’s.
A Pringle it’s a Pringle like that’s my scale rating.

I mean if I gotta give it an arrow yeah yeah yeah camera wise mom is hoarding it so we’ll move on to our second item of the night which I feel happy about cuz i love Victoria sure once I show the audience peppermint cream.

Oreos we did it again yeah the bastards Rebecca Lowe are you much like our pumpkin spice Oreos they don’t have the easy peel princess appeal here right no no where this is the feeling here no I remember one hand.

We had one that except field here and look nothing what similar is mom’s making a point no there’s no appeal here that’s other Oreo flavors mints and that but no I’m not giving it to you there’s no food here anywhere it’s a it’s a serial number so you got me a video one day one day who is cam right mama like that much better than those Min Ho Hos oh my god were those things terrible oh no.

We do not have camera with Martin trenway it’s not gonna tease me yep alright must succeed where others and pale yeah o + yellow equals wait white fuzz what.

Ok go back to our class why let’s write equals pink good these smell like a thin mint these smell delicious get out seriously.

Seriously you don’t know the thinman is I made you like in the cookie yes it’s a cookie then a rabbit yeah you have camera like mom freezes them and eats them no she doesn’t yes she does I put him in the freezer the thin mint cookies.


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