Hey guys what’s up it doesn’t look about you wisdom to world and so today we’re gonna be trying weird Pringle flavors I like in normal pandals I have never tried this before they look really gross I don’t microwaves that much that I hate any Mustang so I’m really excited for that but before we start make a slap that.

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Thumbs up so let’s get started okay so I have a spit cup and some water right here so let’s try the ranch first alright I think that’ll be the least disgusting they love me as I always wanna write it.

Actually not that I’m so weird it’s actually really good hmm okay good I’ll save those for Leo dr.

Would hit but I really liked it find out it’s a Mercedes that’s the reaction like that oh no I’m really I really don’t want to do this but let’s try honey mustard hey any mustard I do not have a good.

Feeling about this I it does it doesn’t smell like anything that scares me I just you know it’s kind of yellow okay okay so I don’t mistake I feel like it’s not there yet but.
It’s getting there okay I’m gonna do one more but I don’t know it’s kind of.

Sweet Kanaka to smell my daddy was Amy our CD yes it’s Emmy hour CED right cool eight sides.
Not bad for my eye in the background actually..


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