What’s going on in your house chibi Lloyd has given a genealogy of what house I wanted to at what point did he become hold of hold on please okay so tell us what’s the situation what’s going on in the AP single suspect is blue macaws are being in my view the problem of a priestly reverse state is right.

Or Roberta Becky who has refused peace reconciliation forgiveness a unity if.

But if Raja be as a leader and vibrant peace reconciliation is duty would have been to bring to put together when.

There is disagreement when there are issues and be an impartial judge give it up to all sides but that is not the case we are now on the crossroads as to the judgment of the court of of the High Court and the Court of Appeal so if is a good leader it would have.

Quickly mobilized people across the state to as there.

Is peace I said this we do respect because I tried my best to bring the astral together I spoke with.

Backdoor sabe I spoke with double D bridge I spoke with two you’re cool and all of them agreed to come together so that we can have a common stand a common position before the primaries but this is that.

I should call a bitchy I tried reaching enriching separately and it refused this call for peace if he had accepted peace then.
I worked in who will get to where we.

Are today secondly I have a color Balaban I was speaking from caliber but as a callable bond I actually be happy that abrasion is bringing the caliber a passive well is good today caliber a person but the issue is deeply.

Calipari pursuit to win an election or you bring caliber about the failure relation so if it was caliber about the Boone election I think what if you be doing is to a bridge piece is the bridge Rico solution is to a bridge for clear forgiveness and fear I will capitalize the state but that is about this dream all this dream is if you don’t like leave the party.

If everybody leaves the party they will fight the power fight war he’s.

Traveled toward a bit they are all pretend which is here so wiki wiki is not a small fry that it had irate so you need to build the party some of us left the PDP because of the position we can.

Please me with the Odin we haven’t changed but this limited is after applied in you see I wish master man did that is right to be our machine so I responsible for all the.

Crisis that is going on in Reverse stood a PC because if he’s a leader he would have to because you lack of unity forgive that everybody can offend somebody there’s no way to boost.

It together they were not offend each other but the idea the issue of making peace forgiveness it should be the at stake not castigated not try to give a pressure that you eat what mercy or the other we put in a record the day he reversed it the caliber is that the goodies I’ve been working together for here Jesus is it before it was born and so 20 bodies without really the issue of division between the.

Color palettes are the goodie it’s not acceptable the caliper is arranged to support of goodie and the goodies are able support calamari we had.

As understand it so we did understand it for us the goods of this war that is the way I look at it how do you gather understanded adults aware as well as unfortunate because some of us have left we.

The PDP today proceed and we are building it could live for four years and we cannot afford to stay there are four years that is where I say grab me she approaches the lecture let the.

Gladiators meet and resolve this move that themselves at peace return to episode of st okay thank you very much mr. Homma the APC council said that the judge had no jurisdiction this case also you see I have had the privilege of you know following name is Matar closely from inception on the thought of me a congress is repeated for slated for fifth.

And sister su and then mata was instituted only thought and then a congressman we are concluded on the fifth the party order was given on the 8th or so after like we say in law after the horse had bolted and order.

Restraining was given and that first performance where I would fought the courts and then secondly also the APC after that.

You know construed those congresses that we head on the fifth and the sixth and seventh also and she dude Congress’s another round of congresses I think for twenty nineteen twenties Thompson and the rest does not therefore mean that because the scheduled they rescheduled the Congress does not therefore mean that the ex parte motion.

Which had earlier been given was now not a void no more no the ex parte order was given on the premise that Congress this you do not hold the the complain of.
The applicants was that we were excluded.

From participating in the Congress yes and and so resplendently application was five originated instruments on the question of law and so that will cut restrain them from recognizing the Congress the Congress has had the court now give an order s party in spin.
Not hold it Congress I have head okay that’s one.

Secondly the APC now comes food those Congress’s that were head and split head orders for nineteen twenty and twenty first also okay and also I am not aware that this for that complaint participated in the subsequent Congress that was head which they had complained of and.

Thereafter the disorder suit by this name may George that the matter or the the primaries or thought to have had because there was an order from him not recognizing the Congress and mind you the order was against the Congress of v of me and then secondly in in in Samba and I neck it’s a 2017 Supreme Court judgment the issue the.

Question of section 87 subsection 10 stimula Mata was determined by by Anik by D supreme court and justice Kakariko be caught up on all this with a module of and so Justice Kagan a queen how wisdom you know separated all the issues held hold on oh just hold it there or combatant images a character on what she held as a gas Supreme Court please.


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