Last week when we last had an addition here it was a new house now you can see a new feeling and we are back here in a new environment and oh is definitely liking it Chairman Mao says it is wider and s and smells fresh let me start with introducing the guests and the front liners Chairman Mao he.

Is VP president general a front liner you’re most welcome back to this week Thank You Charles and good evening viewers Mr Al Forno pondo executive director of the Uganda.

Media center a front liner and this week some people were saying he wrote such an interesting piece in the new vision if a call of a suicide note it.

Is but Oh congratulations for that and you’ve got a lot of plaudits and but you’re most welcome back to this Englishness look of the nrm revolution should absolute issues very unpredictable unpredictable actually should be predictable you should be for trade but with the.

Decorum good and one of our guests who is already sat here cancel like this Laos kids are raka phousi hi this was the first day I.
Was landing his name kiza I hadn’t heard.

About it but come on Jean and and you are a dream yeah good is a human rights lawyer and editor of the Kampala law reports you’re most welcome this is your maiden appearance consul it is on the front line it is made in years it’s good to see you and to have you in this discussion we are expecting Honorable Mehdi Mulumba a commissioner from.

Rights Commission he said he was.

On his way and we expect him together with honorable MP for Norway is to Wilfred new algebra we are expecting them to join us in this discussion in a minute from now but let’s start the discussion I need to start from cancer raka fuzzy how bad is the status of how far have we gone with the issue of human rights observance and how bad is distraction.

As we now see it from your corner well many as ago the president said that t they will continue to be lawlessness from say robust and that kind of thing but what.
Will not be expected is state inspired violence and that we have.

Seen the behind of that we it will not happen again and I think that was after the.

Making of the 1995 Constitution well as you can see now most of the violence we are seeing is a state inspired as a humorous lawyer I get an average of two reports every week or people who have been abducted people get abducted from their offices people get abducted from their places of work from their homes by people who are wielding guns sometimes in a broad daylight sometimes at night and then you hear at these people people have been taken to either CMI some of these security organizations ESO.

Has a permanent hide house in which angered everybody knows it I don’t understand how such a thing can happen you know so these things are happening every.

Day we have now if we keep filing these cases in court the judges are so few today to get a date for a habeas corpus application it could take you a month why because the judges are very few actually like in a.

Month for habeas corpus yes why because the judges are very few and they are habeas corpus applications as so many I’ve become so so many in those days you could maybe explain what a habeas corpus is because it took a few and now this is an application when a person is in illegal custody for example.

Like if he’s detained say in a safe house or even in police without being taken to court or in any place unknown or in any place unknown then habeas corpus is ánotá which God gives that produced the blood of a person and so that we can examine the merits of the continuity detention here in this quote basically.

Demanding through the courts that produced the body so that the person.

Might stand trial exactly so now this is it’s so prevalent and we are getting of a hormone.

So it’s a very very very big problem and let me tell you another characteristic we are.

Finding today is that now when we when we when cut someone’s day the army commander in most cases we added I’m a commander will I be the Inspector General police some in in in those other instances these.

People do not respond and yet the Constitution clearly says that the habeas corpus order shall be inviolable meaning once you receive it you must respond at least good quote and say I don’t have so-and-so but they just ignore.

They received these documents and do not react isn’t it one of the for one of the four rights that must not be delegated.

Exactly under article 44 is examined and no circumstance must be right to habeas corpus be there okay now we are using an IRA when I used to that you see they do we got quote handed the judges hands.

Are tied good dude oh I need to come to you at this point you cancel raka fuzzy is describing a situation which is certainly out of hand if going by what is describing maybe this person is different to.

Hear from you but ioio is government too overwhelmed by securing peace let’s call it that so let’s say to the to the QL security thank you to use a.
Bad English but you understand by this in the privileged.

Position ludicrous let this I’m not the privileged position.

To receiving complaints like that in.

A material by a registration I depend mainly on the verbal complaints or what I read in the media secondly I want to dispute what counsel has said that the main tormentas or causes of human aspiration and abuse is government or state agencies I think the problem is there is overreaction high-handedness when security personnel respond.

To calls of citizens about infringement or trades today a personal security or threats to their property I think quite often what witnessed of.

Reaction high-handedness secondly we have many instances and where people have disputes that otherwise civil but because they lack trust they’ve lost maybe the ability confidence in the judicial system they resort to personnel or entities in the security services to try and have a quick fix let me just give an example you cheat me in business the treatment.

Police officer I go to somebody who says in intelligence and they arrest you in order for me to recover my money that is quite common and I do admit that I.

Think there is a weak supervision in the institution secondly that there is miss or lack of coordination or with coordination among agencies even we’re always.


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