Frankly speaking show today thank you very much indeed it’s been ten years and as an MP for you you fought your first election in 2004 and this is your first TV interview your first interview well it’s it’s not my first interview but it’s my first formal interview of this type yeah why is it taking so long well I’ve.

Done a lot of media interactions prior I’ve done press conferences and I have spoken the media but maybe if I focused the bulk of my focus has been in internal party work and that’s where I’ve been concentrated.

So that’s that’s where most of my energy was going oh.

It said that you’ve been reluctant to communicate more on a one-to-one basis no no I’ve I mean I’ve had many many press conferences that you’ve seen so it’s not that you wanted to.

Avoid touching on difficult or tough issues no I mean I like.

Difficult or tough issues I like dealing with that so now that this is your first detailed and long interview round in ten years we have a lot of ground to cover sure so I have one request you right at the start that.

Let’s be as specific as possible on the subjects that we deal with today – I have your agreement on that yeah I mean we will be specific but if I if I would like to sort of explain things in a bit.

In a broader fashion I think okay that would be okay with us and if I want to draw you back in – so you can throw me back as much as you.

Want okay so now Gandhi the first point is this that you’ve just avoided this whole question about whether you’re open for the Prime Minister’s post yeah it seems to me yeah Rahul that you’re avoiding.

A difficult contest see if you look if you look at the speech I gave in the ICC just few days.

Back the issue is basically how the Prime Minister in this country is chosen where the Prime Minister’s chosen.

In this country is through the MPs we our system basically chooses MPs and then the MPS.

Elect the Prime Minister I said pretty clearly in my speech in aicc that if the communist party so chooses and the Congress party wants me to do any anything for them I am happy to do that it’s respect for the process in fact announcing you.

Know Prime Minister prior to an election announcing your Prime Minister without asking the members of parliament it’s not actually was written to do that in 2009 no we didn’t of course you did know what what we did in 2009 was that we.

Had an incumbent Prime Minister Prime Minister won the election he then went to Parliament the members of Parliament decided that that Prime Minister was going to continue and there was actually a process where he was asked they were you named your prime ministerial candidate.

Wrong that’s that’s we had we had.

An incumbent Prime Minister and there was no question of our changing him zero we can go up and down on this question yeah the fact of the matter is this who else will they choose.

Will come herself please choose it was to Rahul Gandhi that’s that’s up to them right but what what one has to do and I think this is this is central to what I keep saying is democracy is about respect of processes democracy is about non arbitrary decisions democracy is about spreading decisions it’s not about destroying processes there is a process in the Constitution that process says and it’s clearly written in Constitution it says members of parliament are to be elected by.
The population and members of parliament are to.

Elect the Prime Minister all I’m doing is respecting that are you avoiding a direct face of with Marino ladies is there is there a.

Fear of loss round because this election frankly is not looking very good for.
The Congress party from overall estimates and the belief.

The growing belief is that if Rahul Gandhi has not picked up the challenge officially that means there is a fear of loss he’s avoiding a direct one-on-one battle with mr. Narendra Modi now you must answer that knock too to understand that question you have to understand a little bit of a little.

Bit about what round Gandhi is and what Rahul Gandhi’s circumstances have been.

And if you if you delve into that you get an answer to the question of what rahul gandhi’s scared off and what he’s not scared of so if I mean the.

Real question right is what I am doing sitting here you have you’re a journalist when you were.

Small you must have thought to yourself I want.

To do something right you you.

You decided become a journalist at some point why did you do that you’re asking me the question do conversation yeah because no no because I like because I like and enjoy being a journalist and.

Professional challenge for me my question to you is wrong and I’m gonna jump are you avoiding a direct faceoff with that I’m gonna answer the question but I don’t want to ask you when you were when you were young and you thought about being a journalist.

What was what drove you once I decided to become a journalist I cannot be half a journalist once you’ve decided to get into politics and you want eating your party effectively you can’t be leading your party by half so I throw the question so i with respect back it’s you and my question to you.

Is Narendra Modi is challenging you on a daily basis so you’re not answering the question I am stupid I’ll answer.

I’ll answer the question that will give you some insight into what around Gandhi things okay and for that I’ll have to expand a little bit about my growing up how I grew.

Up the circumstances I grew up in what I saw when I was a child was my father who was a pilot and because of circumstances was thrown into the political system and all I saw when I was small after after my grandmother died was my father in constant constant combat with the system in India and then I saw him I saw him die actually right in.

My in my in my life I’ve seen my grandmother died I’ve seen my father die I’ve seen my grandmother go to jail and I’ve actually been through.

A tremendous amount of pain when as a child when these things happen to you I mean they absolutely know where this oh what I had to be scared of.

I lost there’s absolutely nothing I’m scared of though there’s I have a name I have a clear I am in my mind and the aim is that I do not like what I see in Indian politics it’s something that is inside my heart it’s like when you know.

In in our mythology when they talk about when they talk about Arjun he only sees one thing he doesn’t see anything else you asked me about mr. Modi you ask me about anything I only see one thing and the thing.

I see is that the system in this country needs to change I don’t see anything I’m blind to.

Everything else okay I’m blind because I saw people I loved being destroyed by this system I’m blind because this system every day is unfair to our people I asked you today you come from a Sam you know and I’m sure that you also in your work feel the unfairness of the system you know one answer my question so we’re not going to go there but this system every.

Day every day every day every day hurts people okay and I expect the pain that the system can cause I felt the pain with my father I saw him in every single day of his life so the question of whether I’m afraid of losing an election or whether I’m afraid of mr. moody or whether I’m afraid of.

These things is I mean it’s not one second it is not actually the point what I want to do I’m here basically for one thing I see tremendous energy in this country I see more energy in this country then I see in any other country I see billions of youngsters and I see that this energy is trapped and this energy is trapped put a couple of things and this energy how can I draw you back to my question yeah I will I will.

Go into those areas and I respect what you are telling me about your personal journey it’s not Rahul as if.

I lack empathy for what you are saying in fact I’m sure many people do but my question to you is Narendra Modi calls you or Shahada let’s be very specific round not Indra Modi called Sivir Shahada what is.

Your view of Narendra Modi a be are you afraid of losing to Narendra Modi Rahul please answer my question as specifically as you can what Rahul Gandhi wants to do is Rahul Gandhi and millions of youngsters in this country want to change.

The way the system in this country works what Rahul Gandhi wants to do is empower the women in this country wants to unleash the power of these.

About we talk about being a superpower you’re avoiding what I’m.

To you is what is the Congress vice president’s view of the BJP prime ministerial candidate I think.

Will defeat the BJP in the next election and what is your view of the BJP is prime ministerial candidate the BJP has a prime ministerial candidate the BJP believes.

In concentration of power in the hands of one person I fundamentally disagree with.

That I believe in democracy I believe in opening up the system I believe in the RTI I believe in giving power to our people we have fundamentally different philosophies what is your view would you like to expand your views the Prime Minister.

The myau Prime Minister accuses Narendra Modi in his press conference of presiding over and I quote the mass massacre of innocent citizens on the street of M debod mr. Rahul Gandhi my question to you is this do you agree with your prime minister when he says.

That well I mean what would the Prime Minister is saying is a fact I mean Gujarat happened people died but the real issue is five and consult you accused the mr. Narendra Modi of it Oh Gujarat happened people died the real issue at hand here how is mr.

Moody responsible for it he was chief minister who’s not happy but the fact remains that Narendra Modi has been given a clean chit in the kohlberg Massacre case by the asite II and. Canty my question to you is can.

The Congress party sustain its attack on mr. Narendra Modi on this issue when he has been given the clean chit by the courts in the Gujarat riots mr. the Congress parties the Congress party and the BJP have to complete different philosophies our attack on the BJP is based on the idea that this country needs to move forward democratically it needs to.

Push democracy deeper into the country.

It needs to push democracy into the villages it needs to give women democratic power it needs to be a young self Democratic power it is about opening the doors of the Congress party about empowering the youth is.

Remotely responsible for the cultural threats when the courts have given them a clean chit politically your party stack is to criticize Narendra Modi and draw him into the Gujarat right how a political party is fighting an ideological battle against the BJP and let me draw out the two pillars.

Our party believes that women should be empowered that democracy should go to every house that the RTI the.

Noriega paradigm should be further expanded the BJP believes that power should be extremely Konkan concentrated in this country few people should burn this country and the large mass of people in this country.

Should should have no voice but specifically speaking how is Noreen remotely your particular size living for the 2002 Gujarat riots how can you do that when he has been given a clean sheet at the Goldberg massacre by the si T of the corner was.

Challenged in the court the court upheld the SI t findings and therefore taking legally speaking mr. al Gandhi you cannot draw Narendra Modi in to the.

Gujarat riots implicate him personally do you believe that.

Strategy of a party is fundamentally wrong strategy the strategy of my party is very simple everything that we have done over the last five years okay ten years in fact if you look all the way back to the freedom movement every single thing we’ve ever done is empower people okay we empowered people in the freedom movement we impart farmers by in the green revolution we impart the citizens of India when we did the telecom revolution we’ve empowered millions and millions of people through.

Frankly the most powerful the most powerful legislation that has been that has ever been take has taken place in the static called the RTI right to information things that used to be closed things that were in closed doors if nobody knew about they’ll hear to that but you haven’t answered my question riots Gujarat riots is the question you your party has consistently wanted to put mr. Narendra Modi on the back foot of the Cochin a threat he says he says the courts have given.

Me a clean chit and and I’m asking you today is your party’s argument about putting him on the back foot of the Gujarat riots flawed given the way the court in the Prime Minister stated his position on the Gujarat riots the Gujarat.


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