From my studio so for public TV it’s time for the debate Arnab Goswami on the debate at 10:00 presented by Reliance Geo powered by new Ford Aspire ravine and hike messenger InStyle partner Raymond last debate tonight India’s top agency huge fight number one is fighting number two PMO’s coming it’s like an unbelievable battle this is what’s happened and.

Then we’ll debate this CBI director versus the CBI special director and if I are against the CBI number two on earth.

It a series of allegations and counter allegations and a series of letters accessed by Republic TV is now revealing how the fight.

Escalated CBI number two Rakesh Astana wrote to cabinet secretary on August 24 detailing ten instances of inappropriate conduct of D CBI followed by another letter to the CBC on October 15 seeking reconstitution of the SI t that is investigating cases against him CBI special director who has been accused of accepting bribes is now turning on the heat at the CBI boss now what Republic TV is essentially accessed is a letter that.

Of October days after a fire was registered against him sathibabu sada basically admitted that he was actually in touch with a TDP politician who was in touch with the director CBI and also said that the director.

C be essentially received bribe of two crore and the entire feud in india’s premier probe agency has put the government in a tight spot DR allegations multiple letters and.

A battle for all to see it’s an.

Unprecedented fight in the CBI let’s debate there’s one part which is why should they be fighting shantou no sign is former.

Joint second director of CBI first a comment from me with chanterelle Sen what do you make of what’s going on mrs. Sen can you hear me what do you make of what’s going on has this ever happened before yes I can see mayor has investigated his.

Own officers earlier also you all recall the case of the I GOP Sharma who was trapped by the CBI in the giant hawala case he was investigated.

For corruption and then for this proportion addressed earlier also CBI legal officer CB.

ISPs have been investigated by the CBI because Samia has been very watchful of its own offices okay.

And I can recall a number of cases where corruption charges have been leveled against officers and quietly they have been reverted to their parent Department for action there CBI itself has not soiled its hand.

By investigating them these officers of the CBI who have been investigated are CBI own cada officers so legal officers be SPS SPS the AG’s have been investigated yeah but this is unprecedented yeah invest investigating and number two yeah and that also an IPS officer with Rath Carter or any state yeah the normal thing would have been to divert him yeah immediately to the state and ask the state to investigate yeah CBI in the past.

Up the investigation against any IPS officer or deputation to the CBI quietly the office that was the probability of the CBI bring them on deputation if.
They found character they had soiled their mr.
Sen with a I have one question I want to come up with because there’s a political it’s unprecedented also because it’s.


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