You know today many political leaders are more interested in sound bites than getting something done I want you to know that when it comes to Washington State I’ll work with whoever I can to get results right now I’m working with Republicans and Democrats on getting the first-ever federal tax incentive for apprentice so we can skill and train more.

Workers for today’s jobs I help push through a new GI bill to expand the benefits for our veterans to get education at a longer period of time when it fits into their lives I fought when the Air Force gave the tanker contract to the wrong company.
I made sure that Boeing ultimately built those planes and.

Built it here in Washington State and I supported and fought to get the reauthorization of the export-import banks of our small businesses could have new markets overseas for their great products.

I will stand up to my party when necessary as I did in voting.

Against the bailout of Wall Street and I.

Will stand up to this president when he was wrong about cutting wildfire funding and instead we restored two billion dollars to make.

Sure we’re cost effective and protecting our communities the last thing we need right now in Washington is a rubber stamp of the Trump agenda I’m gonna fight for our economy for everyone improving access to health care protecting our public lands and changing our environment to be a cleaner energy economy that’s what I’m going to fight for I’m going to continue to get results for Washington because that’s what’s matters q I’m Susan Hutchison and I want to win this race for you because we are in desperate.

Need of change in Washington DC and Washington State we’re enjoying a thriving economy the likes of which we haven’t seen in years but my opponent senator Cantwell worked furiously against the tax cuts and jobs bill that’s helping us with this tremendous prosperity she’s just out of touch with working men and women everywhere I go across the state people say to me Susan where is Maria she’s been.

For 18 years and we never see her well that’s because she’s become a professional.

Career politician but holed into the DC swamp in fact we had trouble getting her here for this debate even Democrats come up to me and say Susan I’m voting for you because I can’t take it anymore things have gotten so crazy well as a longtime resident of Seattle I understand how they feel you know I’m a military wife mother and.

Daughter and as such I care so deeply for the people of this country that they stay safe and also for our military men and women in uniform one of them is my son Brian a US Marine Corps lieutenant my other son John is also in the audience he’s in a different profession but both boys.

Say they want to come home to Washington State for their future so I’m fighting for their future but I’m fighting for your future.

Too and your kids and your grandkids future you know some of you remember me from the old days of the news and I want you to know you trusted me then and you can trust me now as your next US senator I will be your voice I will fight for you and.
We can win this together nice to see.

A small debate gave a good chance for the each of the debaters to express their views and their solution was where they have been played we came but Susan.

Hutchinson carried Trump’s water pretty well and I thought Maria Cantwell did us proud yeah I was very impressed I thought both candidates you know were very forward and well-spoken however I thought Susan really stole it I think she spoke from her.
Say about the issues and I thought she.

Spoke very well for the Republican Party.


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