Megan kelly has reportedly been booted from at NBC News The Daily Mail tabloid is citing Network sources who say that Kelly’s time at the network is over just two days after she questioned whether it was offensive for white people to wear blackface on Halloween megyn kelly is done one source told the publication she is not ever coming back.
The NBC source then fumed about.

The massive 69 million dollar contract that kelly signed to leave fox news for NBC here’s the worst part her deal is an on break deals so she walks away.

That money the source said it’s disgusting and heads should roll here because of it according to the Daily Mail Kelly has already started talking with Fox News about a return to the network Kelly’s remarks on wearing blackface for Halloween were just the latest in a long line of racially insensitive at Fox among other things Kelly has drawn fire for her tie rates insisting that fictional characters such as Santa Claus must.

Be white that a 15 year old black girl dragged to the ground by a cop deserved some blame for being no saint and hyping a supposed voter intimidation campaign carried out.
By the new Black Panther Party in Philadelphia..


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